DataRobot Delivers New AI Cloud Solutions

Next generation solutions accelerators, advanced operations tools and bias mitigation at the core of DataRobot’s product enhancements unveiled at DataRobot AIX 2022

DataRobot pushes its AI Cloud platform into its second decade with a host of product news and enhancements, announced today at DataRobot AIX 2022. DataRobot has focused a decade of innovation to make artificial intelligence accessible to all businesses, and accelerate AI into production. Today, DataRobot is one of the most widely deployed AI platforms in the world, delivering over 1.4 trillion predictions for leading businesses.

The potential for AI to drive business results is creating demand across industries, from financial services and healthcare, to retail and manufacturing. In fact, a recent Forrester webinar estimates that 100% of enterprises will have AI in use in just the next 3 years.1 Over the next ten years, DataRobot’s mission is to extend the value of AI to business critical applications and services that are trusted by all.

Today, DataRobot advances AI Cloud to achieve this goal through a series of new and enhanced capabilities designed to:

Deliver Business Impact:

  • Next generation Solution Accelerators that help organizations activate data-driven solutions by applying AI to the highest impact use cases for their business and their industry. Today’s announcement expands on the already rich portfolio of accelerators, pre-built notebooks, integrations and no-code AI apps to help enterprises jumpstart AI initiatives and achieve maximum business value.
  • Bias Mitigation capabilities to reduce business risk, delivering a higher level of bias prevention by automatically identifying and adapting models before they reach deployment to mitigate bias and assure fairness.
  • Integrated Code-First Notebooks providing data scientists access to all necessary tools and resources to do exploratory, code-centric work. DataRobot is announcing the preview of Code-First Notebooks that are fully integrated in DataRobot AI Cloud, and bring together our capabilities from Zepl to deliver a purpose built environment for expert Data Scientists.
  • Enhanced predictive AI Apps for business users, adding geospatial capabilities. Now geospatial data is integrated in DataRobot’s No-Code AI Apps, allowing users to deliver unique insights by location and markets for even more targeted business decisions.

Ensure Enterprise Trust:

  • Expanded MLOps for the enterprise, supporting enterprise operations for full model lifecycles. DataRobot is significantly expanding the enterprise operations capabilities of AI Cloud to better deliver an open and connected model for the IT organizations. By creating an open system and integrating with platforms like GitHub, Sumo Logic, Splunk, Datadog and Zendesk, DataRobot can meet the operational needs of customers better than ever, while helping organizations support mission critical AI deployments.
  • Management agents for remote deployments, supporting the distributed needs of enterprises. This expanded capability supports complex use cases where monitoring and managing models is necessary across a range of services, deployed in multiple clouds, and all with the security and governance of a user’s current systems.
  • Automated compliance documentation for all models, even those built outside of DataRobot. This enhanced capability brings greater efficiency and governance to all models, including highly regulated industries. Organizations can now rapidly generate compliance documentation while centrally managing governance across their entire model portfolio.
  • Expanded support for proven DevOps practices with integration to GitHub Actions to automate ML workflows in line with proven CI/CD principles. By integrating AI Cloud into CI/CD practices teams can operate more efficiently, and bring AI to production faster and with more consistent levels of quality.

“Thanks in part to rapidly maturing AI development tools and best practices, the enterprise AI market is quickly reaching critical mass and adoption is approaching self-sustaining levels. This is further supported by a recent Omdia study that found 25% of enterprise buyers are currently looking to scale AI projects across multiple business units or functions,” said Bradley Shimmin, Chief Analyst, AI platforms, analytics, and data management at Omdia. “Building on this kind of momentum, however, will demand that practitioners look beyond the operationalization of basic ML workflows to also view those workflows as an integral part of the business itself, fully embracing business users, speeding time to value, and minimizing business risk through tools supporting transparency, trust, and compliance.”

“AI solutions must adapt to deliver tangible business results and gain the trust of the enterprise,” said Nenshad Bardoliwalla, Chief Product Officer, DataRobot. “Today we are living up to that promise by increasing the impact of AI to deliver value across all businesses, teams, industries and regions while providing the enterprise capabilities that ensure AI is trusted when deployed in an increasingly mission-critical capacity.”

Additionally, today DataRobot announced an expanded relationship with Google Cloud that will enable more customers to accelerate and scale their impact with AI. DataRobot customers will now be able to take advantage of Google Cloud Marketplace to streamline the procurement and deployment process, build AI-based models and generate even more intelligent business solutions on Google Cloud.

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1Forrester Research, Prepare for AI: Seven Reasons Why AI Is The Fastest-Growing Workload On The Planet, November 2021

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