Device Authority Launches KeyScaler Edge for Edge IoT Security

Device Authority, a global leader in identity and access management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announces it latest major software release which includes KeyScaler Edge.

Today’s market is driving a more mature Edge computing model with localized AI and ML becoming more mainstream. However, no solution exists today to address localized Edge gateway IoT security services. Organizations require automation for Edge deployments to drive efficiency at IoT scale. This includes:
– Security lifecycle management
– Device bound identity
– Leaf device authentication and authorization to edge gateways
– Zero touch onboarding and registration
– Automated credential management

Additionally, organizations still need to meet compliance and regulatory adherence for private local network deployments. Safety, confidentiality, data theft/privacy, brand reputation, revenue protection is important for edge deployments.

“We’re delighted to bring KeyScaler Edge to the market and help our customers with their IoT edge deployments. Our BETA program has been a success within healthcare, retail and transport sectors, and we’re regularly speaking with companies who have experienced similar challenges and see KeyScaler Edge as the solution,” said Darron Antill, CEO of Device Authority.

KeyScaler Edge is the first device identity centric IAM to address the complex end-to-end challenges of IoT security lifecycle management at the Edge. It is a lightweight version of KeyScaler that is created specifically for Edge nodes, with the ability to register, authenticate, and provision certificates and tokens to devices in the local network, independent of an available internet connection.

“KeyScaler Edge gives technical, security and operations teams the confidence that their IoT devices won’t lose robust security when no connection to the cloud is available,” said James Penney, CTO of Device Authority. “We’ve developed the functionality to support any public and private CA, as well as provide central reporting and management of all certificates and central visibility of Edge and Leaf node relationships. As Edge becomes mainstream customers are asking for Online and Offline capability and for KeyScaler to solves the associated security challenges,” he added.

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