DRAFT BUILDERS Completes Its One-Stop, Expert+AI Patent Services Platform With JURIS FUTURA Partnership

Draft Builders today announced its latest strategic partnership with legal technology innovator Juris Futura, to round out its one-stop offerings for outsourced patent services. Draft Builders’ on-demand services for busy patent practices now span patent application preparationpatentability search and analysis, and office action response preparation.

“Draft Builders provides consistent, high-quality work product at a fraction of traditional market rates, in part, by licensing the very best PatentTech available. ‘The best’ is exactly what Juris Futura’s Respondent software represents when it comes to automating office action response documents,” says Ian Schick, Founder & CEO of Draft Builders. “Juris Futura joins Specifio and Techson IP in our partnership ranks. Their advanced technologies, particularly when used to their fullest potential, drastically amplify the skills and capabilities of our network of talented practitioners. The result: Draft Builders does not have to compromise on quality even at its aggressive fixed rates.”

Draft Builders is filling a gap in the market for high-end, domestically-based outsourced patent production capabilities to help handle surges in patent work and scale patent development without additional hiring. Its main distinguishing features over existing outsourced solutions include:

  • 100% US-Based Solution, leveraging
  • The Best Patent Talent, amplified by
  • The Best PatentTech, period.

“Incubated and proven out in collaboration with a high-volume patent practice, Respondent is an AI-driven tool that automatically builds high-quality, dynamically customized office action response shells,” explains Jason Adaska, Founder of Juris Futura. “We are delighted to partner with Ian and the team at Draft Builders, and we’re confident Respondent will complement Draft Builders’ portfolio of technology-driven patent services.”

Draft Builders is also leveraging other advanced technologies to provide its office action response preparation service. Anticipat’s cutting-edge examiner statistics and insights help Draft Builders’ network practitioners make efficient, effective, data-driven decisions when developing office action response strategies. Automated patent-specific proofreading from Patent Bots helps quality control be highly efficient and more comprehensive than traditional solutions. Draft Builders plans to continue integrating new, game-changing technologies into its services as they become available.

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