Earnin Continues Executive Expansion with New CISO

Stan Lee Joins with Focus on Cyber and Mobile Security for Hyper-Growth Company

Earnin, the leader in building products for a more equitable financial system and a better life for those living paycheck to paycheck, today announced the appointment of Stan Lee as its first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). With a focus on consumer protection, Lee will manage and adapt Earnin’s security solutions to effectively address growing cybersecurity and mobile risks, further strengthening Earnin’s mission of providing consumers more choices to balance their finances and take control of their money, starting when they earn it.

As the company becomes the center of financial life for its Community Members, Earnin continues to adopt the latest security technology and best practices to protect users’ privacy, financial and payroll data. As CISO, Lee’s information security team helps manage cybersecurity risks and works to align Earnin’s security strategy with its product and business strategies. Specifically, Lee’s team is focused on safeguarding trust with both Community Members and employers through the protection of customer data while remaining a strategic partner in Earnin’s overall business growth.

“Stan brings unique experience to Earnin from his tenure as Head of Security Strategy and Architecture at PayPal, where he led the vision for the architecture of security solutions in alignment with business objectives,” said Ram Palaniappan, Founder and CEO of Earnin. “While much of the tech sector is contracting, Earnin is continuing on our trajectory of growth and Stan has a proven track record of developing competitive advantage through strengthening security programs and strategies for hyper-growth companies. We’re excited to continue to innovate within this rapidly changing industry and redefine what earned wage access and financial equity means for everyday Americans, with full confidence that consumer security will be of paramount importance.”

As a technologist with over 25 years of experience, Lee has a career that spans multiple industry sectors, including financial services, cybersecurity, silicon design, telecommunications, biotechnology, and education. He joins from prior roles leading security solutions at PayPal, Intuit, and the University of California campuses, as well as Palo Alto Networks, where he served as the Head of Security Architecture and Product Security during its hyper-growth period from 2015 to 2020. During his tenure, he developed the company’s first security organization, enabling the company to expand into cloud-based services.

“It takes a lot of planning and intentional actions to scale security within an organization growing this quickly, and we are prioritizing the strength of Earnin’s security organization to protect customers and safeguard the information they share with us,” said Lee. “Our team ensures that we have a proactive cybersecurity strategy that continues to build on the trust we’ve earned with our Community Members and that allows Earnin to deliver product excellence and category innovation in the earned wage access space.”

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