Edge Computing Market Rising to Multi-Billion-Dollar Altitude

Comprehensive forecast illustrates $10B in service revenue and $3B in equipment revenue–detailed view of data center deployments

The Mobile Experts analysts have had their eye on the burgeoning Edge Computing market for years, and a new report released this week shows how the market is gaining momentum. In particular, the report provides details on $10B in 2026 Edge Computing services revenue, breaking down the revenue for computing, connectivity, and site hosting.

In this new report, Mobile Experts details a 30-year growth trend, with automation and data security as strong drivers for a long time to come.

“Drivers in the market have become stronger in the past year, while challenges to the market from business model uncertainties to technical issues have decreased in impact,” commented Chief Analyst Joe Madden. “Despite our allergic reaction to hype, we are optimistic about massive growth in this market. We expect to see cumulative annualized growth in the range of 55% over the next 5 years, with the strongest deployment on enterprise premises, with strong contributions in Access Edge and Regional Edge data centers.”

According to the report, Edge Computing is clearly moving toward commercialization and the business models are solidifying quickly. Multiple factors are driving this kind of market growth:

  • Cost reduction in video streaming and other data-heavy applications;
  • Data control and data sovereignty for enterprises;
  • Low latency for automation and analytics; and
  • Poor connectivity for branch locations that need local analytics.

“Heavy investments in Edge Computing equipment spending, both hardware and software, will grow from $780 million this year to about $3 billion in 2026. This new report breaks down the numbers and exact predictions for market shape over the next five years, with service revenue rising at almost 40% CAGR. By 2045, service revenues will be in the hundreds of billions of dollars per year,” commented Chief Analyst Joe Madden.

This report includes 35 charts and diagrams illustrating a detailed view of the total Edge Computing market, including expectations for data centers, servers, and CPU/GPU cores as well as revenue from software and Edge Cloud services. The 54-page report provides predictions on the future evolution of Edge Cloud deployment for enterprise applications in multiple vertical markets, including Oil & Gas, Industrial, Manufacturing, Retail, Gaming, and Media. Technical background and ROI modeling were investigated thoroughly to accurately predict the proper business model in each vertical market.

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