EDJX Announces New Chief Executive Officer and Seed Funding Round

EDJX gains market momentum and accelerates the adoption of serverless edge computing 

EDJX, the pioneer in decentralized global serverless edge computing, today announced that it has hired a new CEO while simultaneously raising a seed round of funding. EDJX’s CEO Benjamin Thomas has assumed day-to-day leadership of the company and joined EDJX’s Board of Directors. Thomas is a serial entrepreneur and founder of two companies, which combined sold for over two hundred million dollars in enterprise value to strategic acquirers on less than $60 million in equity investment.

Additionally, EDJX closed $3M in new funding led by Intersouth Partners, bringing EDJX’s overall fundraise to date to $15M. These developments attest to the tremendous momentum EDJX continues to gain in the market, reinforcing its dedication to making a meaningful contribution to serverless edge computing.

“The Board and I are confident that Benjamin is the right person at the right time for EDJX,” said Mitch Mumma, Managing General Partner, Intersouth Partners. “He is an experienced leader with a track record of success and a great understanding of what it takes to manage a young hyper-growth company and evangelize a corporate vision. We feel privileged that he has agreed to be EDJX’s CEO during this time of rapid growth and market traction for the company.”

EDJX brings compute, storage, and sensor hosting services close to the developer, making it easy to write, deploy and execute applications without paying for servers and maintaining infrastructure. The EDJX serverless edge computing environment allows developers to build instantly global, powerful applications closer to endpoints and users than ever before. EDJX has recently opened its platform to developers to build and scale apps free of charge on EDJX Serverless. Developers can sign up for the EDJX Platform here.

“Serverless is the future for IoT technology because it’s nimble, cost-effective, and close to the action. Think ‘computing-as-a-service,’ where servers are used for capacity when needed. The world’s next-gen IoT applications must be able to move from server to server in near real-time, which requires a completely different architecture than current cloud tools,” said Benjamin Thomas, CEO of EDJX. “I am honored to join EDJX at this exciting time in the company’s growth trajectory. I look forward to leading the company and offering our amazing platform available to the market. EDJX’s multi-tenant mesh compute, storage, and sensor hosting network makes it incredibly easy for developers to deploy to the edge. As our recent round of funding attests, now is the time to bring serverless edge to the mainstream, and EDJX is on the cusp of this shift.”

Benjamin Thomas was an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee and holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Tulane University and an MS in Management from Stanford University.

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