Endoluxe and Synopic Form Partnership

Endoluxe is proud to announce that it has entered into a development agreement with Synopic to realize the advanced technology synergies of both organizations. With Synopic’s focus on merging image sensing, machine learning, and visualization technologies, the advanced Endoluxe Visualization System provides the optimal platform to bring these groundbreaking technologies to market.

“We are excited to enter this new partnership, which will bring new visualization and integrated data possibilities to the endoscopic market. The Endoluxe platform, consisting of a novel wireless camera with AI/ML clinical decision support applications, is a fantastic fit with the capabilities of Synopic’s patented image sensing platform,” says Devon Bream, CEO of Endoluxe. “Our platform provides a foundation for improved clinical outcomes by giving clinicians real-time decision support they have never had before. With the addition of the Synopic technology, we will be able to provide additional surface information, depth data, mapping data, and other valuable insights. Our collaboration with Synopic will provide clinicians with disruptive technology that legacy camera platforms simply cannot offer.”

The Endoluxe EVS is the perfect camera system for all endoscopic procedures that utilize industry standard rigid and flexible analogue scopes, such as urology, gynecology, ENT, general surgery, and orthopedics. The handheld Orb replaces the legacy endoscopic tower with advanced, portable technology at 1/4 the cost.

“We are pleased to enter into a partnership with Endoluxe,” states Jesse Adams, CEO of Synopic. “The Endoluxe co-founders are leading surgeons that use visualization every time they perform a procedure. Their endorsement adds yet another validation that Synopic is designing advanced visualization solutions that are meaningful to those who will ultimately use them. Synopic is addressing the need for extreme compact, high-quality visualization with depth imaging for medical procedures where previously unfeasible. Therefore, the Endoluxe visualization platform is a great synergistic fit for Synopic.”

Endoluxe is a world-class endoscopic video imaging organization based in the United States with worldwide distribution of its medical industry design award-winning Endoluxe Orb. The company is focused on reducing costs of legacy video platforms, enhancing procedure adoption, and improving patient outcomes through better therapy application. Endoluxe is committed to being a vendor agnostic platform that allows customers to utilize their existing investment in traditional scopes and supporting devices, while taking advantage of future technological advancements utilizing our portable, integrated, and feature-laden platform at 1/6th the cost of legacy products. More information can be found at

Synopic is synergistically merging image sensing, machine learning, and visualization technologies in order to enhance the ability to understand and interact with the world. Depth-enabled cameras are being integrated into many facets of personal and professional life, from healthcare to entertainment to industry. Current camera designs result in trade-offs in size, range, and visualization capabilities impeding development of emerging applications, especially in medical procedures. Synopic is overcoming these trade-offs with AI-driven, co-developed camera designs that can leverage cutting-edge optics for optimal, measurable results. More information can be found at

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