Etiometry Expands AI Software Platform Portfolio

Etiometry, a leader in clinical decision-support software for critical care, announced today that it has doubled its FDA-cleared risk analytics portfolio to four indices, further strengthening its capability to track the fundamental pathways through which patients deteriorate under intensive care. Etiometry is the only critical care AI decision-support company with four FDA-cleared algorithms. The platform’s seven total FDA clearances demonstrate the scalability of its patented Risk Analytics Technology and its expanding ability to transform continuously acquired physiologic data into essential insights for clinical decision-making.

Assuring adequate tissue oxygenation and carbon dioxide ventilation are fundamental principles of critical care medicine. Etiometry’s previously cleared IDO2 and IVCO2 indices process the vast amounts of data generated by intensive care unit (ICU) patients to continuously detect subtle patient trends towards an adverse physiologic state, bringing timely awareness to clinicians and avoiding patient harm. To further enhance this capability, the newly FDA-cleared hyperlactatemia index (HLA) and acidemia index (ACD) use the same automatic data aggregation and computation model to track the downstream effects of inadequate oxygenation and ventilation.

Etiometry’s patented Risk Analytics Technology computes the four risk algorithms, utilizing models of human physiology to interpret patient-generated data into individualized risk assessments. The company has collected data from hospitals across the globe to compile a comprehensive database of more than 150M hours of patient physiologic signals driving continuous improvement of the physiologic modeling, leading to the development of the ACD and HLA indices. With each iteration and model improvement, Etiometry is scaling the technology to detect more pathways of patient deterioration, further strengthening the platform’s safety net for clinicians caring for critically ill patients.

“We are committed to modernizing clinical workflows by leveraging our team’s data science expertise and platform scalability to deliver clinical advancements that serve new markets,” said Shane Cooke, CEO of Etiometry. “The Etiometry platform’s FDA-cleared pediatric indices for ID02, IVC02, ACD, and HLA along with ID02 Index for adult patients are also authorized by Health Canada with additional regulatory approvals underway to serve more patient populations and markets.”

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