FogHorn recognized as innovative AI leader by ABI research

Competitive assessment awards FogHorn for its performance, innovation and strategic partnerships

FogHorn, a leading developer of Edge AI software for industrial and commercial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announced its ranking as the Overall Leader, Top Innovator and Top Implementer by ABI Research’s competitive vendor assessment on IoT Edge Analytics: Hardware-Agnostic SaaS and PaaS.

ABI Research assessed vendors based on their deployment of advanced edge analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to customers in various industries, go-to-market strategies, scalability and efficiency. The competitive ranking offers an unbiased assessment of edge-cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technologies enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) for enterprises, covering vendors that are providing hardware agnostic machine learning (ML) and AI.

“Leveraging edge intelligence enables enterprises to achieve operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance workplace and asset monitoring,” said Chris Penrose, Chief Operating Officer at FogHorn. “We’re honored to be recognized by ABI Research for enabling our customers to reach these goals with our Lightning™ Edge AI Platform and Solutions. This competitive assessment showcases the value we’re driving for our customers and highlighting a variety of edge AI use cases that ultimately enhance their decision-making and ROI with data-driven insights.”

FogHorn established itself as the leader due to its performance in the industrial vertical and wide range of clients and strategic partnerships. Additionally, ABI Research noted FogHorn’s ability to serve multiple IoT use cases and sophisticated capabilities for predictive analytics and ML as a key consideration of its evaluation. As highlighted by ABI Research, FogHorn received higher implementation scores because of its influence and adoption rate of video analytics for the IoT domain.

FogHorn was also ranked as a vendor successfully monetizing market opportunities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. In June 2020, FogHorn announced its Health and Safety monitoring solution, which enables enterprises to address employee wellbeing and help prevent exposure to COVID-19 and monitor workplace safety through personal protective equipment detection and hazard monitoring. This solution, delivered as a ready-to-use package that utilized ML combined with video analytics, diversified FogHorn’s product portfolio compared to other edge AI vendors by ABI Research.

FogHorn’s Lightning Edge AI Platform was the first edge-native AI solution built for secure, on-site intelligence. Its edge processing capabilities are ideal for low-latency use cases enabling real-time data processing harnessing ML and AI capabilities within a minimal compute footprint. In addition to its recognition as an Overall Leader, FogHorn earned a top mark for predictive and ML modeling, as well as measurement against ABI Research’s unique innovation criteria.

Download a copy of ABI Research’s competitive assessment ranking on IoT Edge Analytics: Hardware-Agnostic SaaS/PaaS from the FogHorn website here.

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