GASA and Gogolook to present the first-ever Anti-Scam Asia Summit

The inaugural Anti-Scam Asia Summit unites leading executives from GASA, Gogolook, and local law enforcement agencies to combat digital scams across Asia

TrustTech provider Gogolook, a founding member of the Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA), today announced that it will host the first-ever Anti-Scam Asia Summit (ASAS), a sister event to the Global Anti-Scam Summit (GASS), in partnership with GASA. Taking place in Taipei, Taiwan on November 20 and 21, the two-day hybrid event will feature esteemed speakers from GASA, Gogolook, law enforcement agencies, non-profit organizations, and anti-fraud experts from TaiwanThailandMalaysiaJapanSingapore, and the Philippines. With a focus on “Turning the Tide on Scam in Asia,” the summit aims to unite regional stakeholders in the fight against digital scams, serving as an important platform for discussions among law enforcement agencies, brand protection agencies, financial authorities, and businesses to remain at the forefront of the battle against digital crime.

“Our goal at GASA is to help consumers avoid scams across the globe, and the upcoming Anti-Scam Summit debut in Asia marks another significant step toward this goal,” said GASA Managing Director, Jorij Abraham, “The Anti-Scam Asia Summit underscores the escalating emphasis on scam issues in Asia, and we expect the summit to expand in size over time, drawing a growing number of stakeholders from businesses, government agencies, and organizations, thereby fostering increased active participation in the years ahead.”

“As the leading TrustTech provider in Asia and the founding member of GASA, Gogolook is honored to be able to partner with GASA to host the first-ever Anti-Scam Asia Summit (ASAS), which will bring together experts from across the region to share insights and best practices on how to combat these growing threats,” said Jeff Kuo, CEO and co-founder of Gogolook. “With GASS already becoming an important forum where tech giants such as Amazon, Meta, Google, Zoom, and law enforcement agencies from all over the world coming together to discuss how to combat digital scams, it is crucial to have a similar opportunity in Asia. We believe that ASAS is a critical step towards creating a safer and more secure digital environment for everyone in the region.”

Asia becomes scam hotspot with AI lowering barriers to digital fraud
In recent years, scams have rapidly evolved into a global concern, with Asia in the eye of the storm, becoming a hotspot for both scamming and scammers. According to a survey jointly conducted by GASA and Gogolook, Asia has evolved into a thriving hub for scammers, where over 50% of residents in the majority of surveyed regions encounter at least one scam per week, positioning Asia as one of the fastest-growing regions impacted by scams. What’s more concerning is the deployment of AI technology by fraudsters, enabling them to create extensive networks of scam operations, facilitating quicker and easier scaling of digital scams. As AI technology continues to advance, Gogolook and GASA are expecting the emergence of even more sophisticated scams, emphasizing the critical need for cross-region collaboration to combat this escalating issue.

GASA and Gogolook present the first-ever Anti-Scam Asia Summit
To address the ever-evolving threat of digital scams, GASA and Gogolook are jointly presenting the first-ever Anti-Scam Asia Summit, focusing on scams that use AI and deepfake technologies. Key speakers at the summit include leading executives from GASA, Gogolook, and law enforcement and government agencies in TaiwanThailandMalaysia, and the Philippines, along with industry experts coming from a wide variety of fields, including AI technology, cybersecurity, data protection, finance, and crime investigation.

The inaugural Anti-Scam Asia Summit (ASAS) will also feature the release of the Asia Scam Report, with the main objective to increase public awareness about digital scams, serving as the foundation for forthcoming policy development and advocacy in the realms of anti-fraud measures and AI applications on a global scale. The event is set to unfold at the Marriott Taipei on November 20 and 21, offering both in-person and virtual participation.

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