German Blockchain-anchored Data Security Company Ubirch Expands to Israel

German blockchain-anchored data security start-up Ubirch is on course for internationalization and is thus consistently pursuing its growth strategy. As a Cyber-Security Technology-Leader for IoT, Ubirch sees great potential in a strong link to the Israeli Ecosystem, known as the leading Cybersecurity Market in the World. When it comes to the size and depth of innovation, Israel can count itself among the world leaders: In 2019, Israel ranked tenth among the most innovative countries in the world (Global Innovation Index). The Bloomberg Innovation Index 2019 named Israel the fifth most innovative economy in the world. International technology giants such as Intel, IBM, Google, Facebook, SAP and Microsoft operate research and development centers in Israel.

The Ubirch solution works similar to sealing a contract at the office of a sworn-in notary. The seal can still be broken and the contract changed but not without leaving traces (tamper evidence), and when these traces are detected, the original document can be retrieved from the notary’s archive for comparison. Innovative cryptography and blockchain technologies guarantee the trustworthiness of IoT data. While most other IoT security solutions focus on securing the transmission channel and/or the device, Ubirch focuses on securing the IoT data-packets individually. The advantage and USP of this approach are pervasiveness, warranted authenticity and order of sequence as the security is attached to the data-packets with these interlinked in a blockchain. They are always secured – even if they have been transmitted over non-secure channels. Ubirch technology – deployable as software or on SIM-cards – is aimed primarily at customers in the industrial, smart cities, insurance, IoT start-ups, energy supply, homeland security and logistics segments.

Stephan Noller, CEO of Ubirch: “Israel is one of the most innovative nations and among the global leaders in the cyber security sector. The country is a key tech location where we see enormous potential for our blockchain-based solution. Israeli companies are extremely open to new ideas and business models. In Tel Aviv, it usually takes only a few sentences to understand the necessity of the Ubirch solution for IoT-based business models.”

Alon Refaeli, a business execution leader in the field of cyber security, is responsible for building Ubirch’s presence in the Israeli market: “Ubirch is excellently suited for the Israeli market because of the correlation between the global cyber security market needs and challenges that emerge in and from Israel and its technology ecosystem, which are early to find and adopt,” says Alon. “I am pleased that I can support Ubirch in making the product known and successful in Israel and globally.” Stephan Noller: “With his extensive expertise in the field of cybersecurity and IoT, Alon Refaeli will help us to grow in the Israeli market.”

Alon Refaeli has over 20 years of experience in the cyber security industry, working with tier 1 financial institutes, governmental agencies, telecommunication providers, utilities and defense companies for state-of-the-art cyber security technologies. He is aligned with diverse enterprise grade cyber security solutions at a global scale, by working directly with CISOs, CIOs and CDOs to address the next generation cyber threats and challenges. Alon is a trusted advisor to several organizations and senior officials in Cyber Security technologies.

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