Gravyty Connector Launches on Salesforce AppExchange, Bringing Innovative AI Solution for Nonprofit Fundraising to the World’s Leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace

Gravyty Connector Launches on Salesforce AppExchange, Bringing Innovative AI Solution for Nonprofit Fundraising to the World's Leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace

With Gravyty Connector, Salesforce customers can turn CRM from system of record into system of action for AI-enabled fundraising

Gravyty Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of AI-enabled fundraising software, today announced it has launched the full Gravyty suite of tools on the Salesforce AppExchange via the Gravyty Connector, empowering businesses to connect with their customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways. Gravyty also announced that it has joined the Salesforce ISV partner program, which means customers can feed up to 30 data points into Gravyty from the Salesforce connector in near real-time for immediate action.

Gravyty’s products – including Gravyty First Draft, Gravyty Go!, Gravyty Guide, and Gravyty Stewardship – enable fundraisers to build stronger relationships with donors and increase giving. All are available through the Gravyty Connector app live on the Salesforce AppExchange, here.

“The value in today’s market is no longer about acquiring, aggregating, or storing data – it’s taking action on the data you have,” said Adam Martel, co-founder and CEO, Gravyty. “Gravyty’s suite of AI-enabled tools is an amazing set of products developed specifically for fundraisers. By pairing AI and Machine Learning with the rich data assets fundraisers already have access to, we’re able to empower frontline fundraisers to develop deeper relationships and inspire more donors to make gifts to support their organizations’ amazing causes.”

“We are happy to welcome Gravyty’s AI-enabled product onto the AppExchange, as they provide customers with an exciting new way to use AI to promote social good,” said Val Cassidy, Global Head of ISVs, “The exponential growth of AppExchange highlights the vast opportunity the entire Salesforce ecosystem, including nonprofits, has in building innovative solutions to drive customer success.”

Gravyty Products

First Draft
First Draft proactively drafts emails for frontline fundraisers. First Draft’s AI algorithms write drafts for the right donors, at the right time, and drops them in a fundraiser’s inbox so they can easily edit and send. First Draft learns from edits to match tone and preferences, leading to better communication.

Gravyty Guide
Gravyty Guide is a weekly digest email that helps fundraisers efficiently manage their portfolio. Gravyty Guide prioritizes outreach to give fundraisers a playbook for the week.

Gravyty Go!
Gravyty Go! prescribes the best travel for fundraisers each month based on the locations of donors that will make the next biggest gifts.

Gravyty Stewardship
Gravyty Stewardship automates stewardship by helping frontline fundraisers build relationships by proactively communicating a donor’s giving history and other relevant information.

“I continue to be impressed by Gravyty,” said Bill Lane, Senior Development Officer, FINCA. “It builds great confidence in our potential to grow our program to new heights.”

See the Gravyty Connector app or request a demo directly in the Salesforce AppExchange:

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About Gravyty
Gravyty is the nonprofit industry’s leading provider of AI-enabled fundraising software. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, Gravyty automates the most time-consuming processes for frontline fundraisers. Gravyty’s products empower fundraisers to build lasting donor relationships and raise more revenue for their missions in ways never before possible. Led by former fundraiser Adam Martel and AI technologist Rich Palmer, Gravyty was founded at Babson College and is driven by their motto, “You shouldn’t have to learn your software; your software should learn you.”

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