HUMAN achieves the New AWS Ad and Marketing Technology Competency

HUMAN Defense Platform ensures ad inventory offers complete fraud protection on AWS from start to finish reaching real humans across all media channels

HUMAN Security, Inc., a digital fraud platform disrupting bot attacks, online fraud and abuse across the buyer’s journey, announced today that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency in the category of Advertising Intelligence and Measurement. This competency recognizes HUMAN for its expertise in empowering ad tech platforms, publishers, and advertisers to reinvent workloads with solutions to detect and mitigate disruptive ad fraud in the programmatic landscape and ensure ad inventory reaches real humans.

As advertisers and marketers look to leverage the cloud to innovate and achieve digital transformation, they are increasingly in need of partners with services and solutions purpose-built to meet their needs. AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency Partners provide these customers – including advertising agencies, marketers, publishers, advertising or marketing technology providers, and analytics service providers – with AWS validated solutions and services helping to accelerate their transformation.

The global advertising market will surpass $1 trillion global spend; and in 2025, more than 70% of those dollars will be spent on digital advertisements. HUMAN protects the digital advertising landscape and currently sees on average 18 billion fraudulent bid requests per day providing deep technical analysis and actionable insights that do more than simply measure the presence of fraud. HUMAN uses superior detection techniques, hacker intelligence, and collective protection to defeat fraud and abuse in digital advertising with unmatched scale, speed, and precision. The result is ad inventory free from fraud that increases trust and value throughout the supply chain.

HUMAN’s Programmatic Ad Fraud Defense solution, MediaGuard, offers both pre-bid mitigation and post-bid detection to safeguard Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs), advertisers and agencies, from fraud. Key benefits include:

  • Proactive Prevention: Prevent fraud with pre-bid mitigation across environments with real-time analysis of each impression in 12ms or less
  • Maintain Trust: Eliminate fraudulent impressions and gain visibility into sources driving invalid traffic to ensure ads are seen by humans
  • Optimize Returns: Improve ad performance by verifying critical inventory across mobile, desktop, Connected TV (CTV) and audio environments
  • Improve TransparencyProtect existing revenue through increased transparency into all inventory to eliminate fraud and dramatically reduce IVT

Achieving the AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency differentiates HUMAN Security as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member with demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in running cloud solutions on AWS for the advertising and marketing industry. To achieve the AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency, AWS Partners must undergo a rigorous technical validation by AWS solution architects and have verified customer references.

“Achieving the AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency differentiates HUMAN in the AWS Partner Network (APN) with demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success running cloud solutions on AWS for the advertising and marketing industry,” said Frank Walsh, Field CTO at HUMAN. “The HUMAN Defense Platform ensures ad inventory is only reaching real humans across all media channels offering fraud protection on AWS from start to finish. The result is a landscape of ad inventory advertisers can trust with robust protection from fraudsters.”

HUMAN’s partner, Yieldmo, an ad tech platform that delivers AI-powered creative ad formats and superior campaign performance from proprietary data, needed to ensure a fraud-free marketplace for its advertisers and publishers would continue even as its available supply of ad opportunities rapidly grew. Combining internal protocols with HUMAN’s Programmatic Ad Fraud Defense proactively insulated Yieldmo from fraudulent activity on its platform despite its rapid growth. “Fighting fraud requires more than simple measurement. HUMAN’s focused and unique approach and reporting of IVT is a major reason we originally started our partnership,” said Daniel Contento, SVP of Partnerships and Operations at Yieldmo. Yieldmo’s IVT rate, already among the industry’s lowest at just 1%, declined 90% to just 0.1% after implementing HUMAN. Read the full case study >

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, the AWS Competency Program helps customers identify validated AWS Partner solutions and services for specific industry use cases. Explore the AWS Partner solutions and/or services offered in AWS Data Exchange, AWS Marketplace, or APN Partners, including HUMAN.

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