idrive Announces Strategic Partnership with Vera

idrive announces its newest strategic partnership with Vera Arastirma (Vera) a research and technology company and Netrapor. Netrapor is a Vera Research, Analytical Consulting Services, Research and Technology company established in 2010 to produce, manage and analyze data in the vehicle tracking sector. Vera is headquartered out of Istanbul, Turkey and is now the 65th country to join idrive’s partner program. Idrive is a leading provider of Artificially Intelligent (AI) software and hardware for precise driver monitoring.

In 2020, idrive initiated a global expansion by creating a network of highly skilled and professional partners/resellers to sell its products globally. Idrive currently offers a next-generation fleet monitoring platform that helps fleet operators save big by reducing preventable accidents, wasted fuel, theft, and fraud. Through a commitment to keep product costs low while also achieving superior technology, idrive develops 100% in-house in both Europe and the United States to ensure quality control of its products. This also allows idrive to have an open API and work with its partners to integrate with current services or products that they currently offer.

Vera will market and install idrive technology to both new clients and its current customer base. This will greatly enhance Vera’s offering to customers looking to upgrade outdated equipment such as 3G tracking devices with one low-cost solution. “This product is one of a kind,” says Atila Taș, Director, Vera group, “It has unmatched accuracy in 11 different AI-based ADAS and DMS all in a single easy-to-install the device. In addition, all of the AI is done on the edge which saves reaction time, allows in-cab alerts, and saves on data transfer costs. This is perfect for the Turkish market.”

Vera is currently headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey and sells to service to United States, United Kingdom, Austria and Korea. “Vera is perfectly positioned to take advantage of our technology with a wide range of experience in the Telematics space with over 50,000 vehicles under contract and an ever-expanding market,” said Călin Mihalascu, idrive’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We are proud to have them aboard,” he added.

With over 100,000 units sold to date, and more than 20 billion miles of road camera footage captured, idrive has over 50% growth year over year with closed partnerships in 65 countries – Vera being the most recent to join arms in helping unlock a new perspective in driver safety.

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