idrive Offers All in One AI Services for AI Camera

Idrive offers all in one Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services for the idrive AI Cam. Starting in 2022 idrive now offers all its AI services bundled into one monthly package. The idrive AI Cam is a next-generation dash camera with technology that identifies and interprets human driving behavior, generating critical data to improve driver performance and save lives. Idrive is a leading provider of Artificially Intelligent (AI) software and hardware for highly accurate driver monitoring.

Since the release of the idrive AI Cam in 2019 AI features have been offered à la carte as an add on to any idrive standard tracking package, now it is all rolled into one low-cost monthly package. Beginning in 2022 idrive now offers Tracking + AI Bundle. “We know the benefits of our AI features and how much it can really change the way drivers drive and managers manage so we began to offer these as one package because we believe it is so valuable for every client to have it,” stated Curt Andrews, Chief Customer Success Officer. He went on to state that “AI really can pinpoint issues in real-time that the human eye can’t always see right away. This allows us to hopefully correct the behavior before an accident occurs.”

The idrive Tracking and AI Bundle now includes:

  • Tracking and Visual Telematics: Live Tracking with Live Look-In Capabilities
  • Facial Recognition: Identify driver and tag them to events for accurate driver coaching
  • Drowsy & Distracted Driving Detection: Identify drowsiness or distractions and alert the driver with an in-cab buzzer
  • Safe Distance Warning (monitoring the outside environment): identify tailgating, pedestrians, cyclists, and crosswalks
  • Camera Warranty for the length of Contract

Other services for additional data etc. remain available for à la carte additions to service packages.

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