Intertrust announces extending its flagship Intertrust Platform™

New features provide for end-to-end security and interoperability between data operations and multi-vendor IoT devices for data driven enterprises

Intertrust, a leading provider in trusted distributed computing, today announced the company is extending its flagship Intertrust Platform™ with the addition of advanced, scalable authentication capabilities to protect and manage IoT devices and data in zero trust environments.

Announced in 2020, Intertrust Platform provides enterprises with secure interoperability that allows diverse data management systems to interoperate as one. With Intertrust Platform, enterprises are able to leverage diverse data management systems from leading data platforms, cloud service providers, and other vendors to choose best of breed technology. This helps avoid vendor lock-in and provides scalability when dealing with competitors and partners in complex legal and security environments. Apps such as AI that run on top of Intertrust Platform also benefit from secure access to governed data.

Intertrust’s new edge-to-cloud capabilities allow enterprises to connect IoT devices securely to their cloud services using highly scalable secure device authentication architecture with application protection technology that shields devices running at the endpoint from malicious attack. These devices relay trusted data to Intertrust Platform’s data operations layer, even if the data travels through untrusted networks. Control software then processes and sends authorization signals to these devices in a trusted fashion.  Intertrust Platform provides an additional “single pane of glass” device management capability that allows enterprises to choose devices from multiple vendors that run with consistent and reliable security.

“Intertrust Platform enables enterprise customers to run interoperable services and devices in the face of growing threats and complex regulatory frameworks,” said Talal G. Shamoon, CEO, Intertrust. “With the addition of edge-to-cloud security for IoT devices in zero trust networks to Intertrust Platform, customers now have a comprehensive, secure and scalable platform that interoperates with best of breed data services, AI, and IoT devices in one consistent data operations and device management system,” added Shamoon.

Intertrust’s technologies are used globally for digital media and energy applications. The zero trust capabilities announced today have been deployed in billions of devices and are now part of Intertrust Platform. Intertrust is working with energy and mobility leaders around the world to enable applications with IoT devices in renewable energy, modern grids, and energy retail settings as well as working with Virtual Power Plant developers to provide security and interoperability between assets controlled by multiple enterprises.

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