IoT leader Mobilogix announces the launch of BAT-SUR

Mobilogix, the leading provider of cost-optimized State of the Art cellular IoT solutions announces the launch of BAT-SUR, the latest addition to its Asset Tracking portfolio.

BAT-SUR is a low-cost battery-operated global tracking device utilizing low power LTE CAT-M1 technology and is optimized for single-use tracking of premium cargo. Common use cases include periodic and motion-initiated location tracking and monitoring of assets at package-level across supply chain and logistics networks.

BAT-SUR leverages smart design to maximize battery economy. Power is supplied by 2 AA field-replaceable Alkaline batteries. BAT-SUR employs an accelerometer and NIST Traceable temperature and humidity sensors for precise temperature monitoring in critical use cases. GNSS and WiFi Location as a Service ensure asset location in all scenarios. LED indicators and operator button provide visibility and control.

BAT-SUR is FOTA ready for remote update and configuration. User-defined reporting intervals and alerts can be managed via FusionIoT™ or 3rd Party Platforms on AWS IoT Core.

“With the release of the Mobilogix BAT-SUR, customers with reverse logistics challenges now have a cost-effective tracking solution without compromise to sensor quality or location capability in all scenarios”, said Charlie Williams, EVP – Sales and Marketing with Mobilogix. “BAT-SUR is field serviceable, so while targeting tracking scenarios where reverse logistics provides workflow challenges, it also doubles as a reusable solution that could be used repeatedly over time.”

Mobilogix is presently accepting BAT-SUR pre-orders and welcomes engagements with customers seeking scalable solutions without compromise for their asset tracking needs.­­­­­


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