ioXt Alliance Certifies 60 Android Devices

Industry-leading tech companies and global manufacturers trust ioXt to certify device security

The ioXt Alliance, the global standard for IoT security, today announced that 60 Android devices to date from Google, HMD Global, Lenovo, Motorola, TCL, Xiaomi and Zebra Technologies are now certified through the ioXt Certification Program. These certifications were granted after meeting rigorous standards as part of the ioXt Alliance’s Android Profile, furthering efforts to improve the security of IoT and other connected devices running on one of the world’s most popular operating systems.

Founded on eight core pledge principles that define product security, product upgradability and consumer transparency, the ioXt Alliance harmonizes global security regulations to provide clear guidelines for quantifying the optimal level of security needed for a specific device within a certain location and product category. Once a device meets or exceeds the requirements after testing, it receives the ioXt SmartCert label.

“We’re proud to reach this milestone as we continue seeing more big tech companies and global manufacturers make a commitment to prioritize security, privacy and consumer transparency,” said Jan Bondoc, director of information technology at ioXt Alliance. “By certifying devices based on our industry-led standards, companies can raise the bar on their security and privacy commitments, while helping empower consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions that will better protect their data, strengthening confidence in the safety and security of Android devices.”

The 60 Android devices that received ioXt SmartCert labels include:

  • Google: Pixel 4; Pixel 4a; Pixel 4a (5G); Pixel 4 XL; Pixel 5; Pixel 5a with 5G
  • HMD Global: Nokia 3.4; Nokia 5.4; Nokia 8.3 5G; Nokia X10; Nokia X20
  • Lenovo: Lenovo Tab K10
  • Motorola Mobility: motorola edge plus; motorola edge 20; motorola edge 20 fusion; motorola edge 20 pro; motorola edge 20 lite; motorola one 5G ace; motorola one 5G UW ace; moto g 5G; moto g(9) power; moto g(10); moto g10 power; moto g(30); moto g40 fusion; moto g50; moto g(50) 5G; moto g60; moto g(60)s; moto g(100); moto g power (2021); moto g stylus (2021); moto g stylus 5G
  • TCL: TCL 20 5G; TCL 20 PRO 5G
  • Xiaomi: Mi 11 Ultra
  • Zebra Technologies: CC600; CC6000; EC30; EC50; EC55; ET56; L10A; MC9300; PS20; TC21; TC21-HC; TC26; TC26-HC; TC52; TC52-HC; TC52x; TC52x-HC; TC-57; TC57x; TC72; TC77; TC8300; VC8300; WT6300

“Security has always been at the core of what we do at Motorola. The fact that we have over 20 devices that have been certified by ioXt Alliance demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering business-grade security to our customers,” said Sudhir Chadaga, Head of Strategy for Motorola Mobility. “The ioXt certification is critical in providing peace of mind to our consumers as part of our ThinkShield for mobile solution, which delivers a high level of built-in security from our trusted supply chain all the way through advanced AI-based defense against known and unknown threats.”

By aligning Android’s baseline security to the ioXt global standard, consumers and enterprises can select from devices that will best protect their personal information. Furthermore, the ioXt certification validates that manufacturers are building devices that strengthen the ecosystem and prioritize security.

“TCL prioritizes our customers’ information and privacy and has created lots of resources dedicated to increasing our privacy security level,” said Zhiguo HU, General Manager of Global R&D Center at TCL Communication. “Through ioXt Alliance, TCL is able to establish new safety goals and standards in order to provide a safer experience to our users when using our products.”

The worldwide adoption of connected devices has led to a surge in security and privacy threats, with hackers attacking vulnerabilities in software that interfaces with the hardware, physical device hardware, firmware and much more. To help address these threats, ioXt is significantly and rapidly expanding into critical global markets, including Europe and Asia, for both manufacturers and consumers of IoT devices.

“Security is at the core of everything that we do at HMD Global. We provide secure solutions for the future of work and IoT, European heritage that you can trust, and enhanced Android innovation. We value our continued partnership with ioXt Alliance, as the organization brings ongoing transparency and visibility to our consumer and enterprise buyers, and to the industry as a whole,” said Ari Heikkinen, General Manager of Global Software Security Operations at HMD Global.

“Users’ security and privacy have always been the top priorities of Xiaomi as we become the world’s largest consumer IoT platform and second largest smartphone brand,” said Quanxin Wang, General Manager of Product and Technology at Xiaomi International. “We are proud to be a member of the ioXt Alliance and look forward to building a more secure IoT ecosystem with global partners.”

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