IPKeys Launches EISS® Server 3.0 Utility Edition

Leverages recently acquired ElectSolve proven Meter and Operational Data Management platform to provide predictive demand analysis - $Billion potential cost avoidance for utilities
IPKeys Launches EISS® Server 3.0 Utility Edition

IPKeys Power Partners announced today the release of Energy Interop Server & System® (EISS®) Server 3.0, the 3rd generation cyber-secure OpenADR standards server adding utility system wide predictive analysis to Machine to Machine (M2M) management, telemetry and load control services.

EISS® Server 3.0 provides utilities with a demand management & control plan based on historical multi-year consumption. It includes forward year 365-day climate-based simulation for each meter by class and location further enhancing the IPKeys Integrated & Automated Demand Management (IADM) platform.

EISS® Server 3.0 is now available for delivery to utilities globally as part of the IPKeys IADM platform.

“This new capability & investment in our OpenADR EISS® server technology provides a big data‘ analytic solution with our proven open standards interoperability-based control, telemetry and status technology,” said Rob Nawy, CEO,IPKeys. “EISS® Server 3.0 provides a win-win for consumers and utilities; consumers realize program cash incentives – utilities realize potential Billion-dollar savings in avoidance costs for replacement capacity, peaker plants and peak demand charges.

“Combining ElectSolve with EISS® Server 3.0, allows IPKeys to deliver a feature rich, end-to-end Demand Management solution to utilities,” said Mark Ponder, CIO, IPKeys. “This solution includes advanced peak load modeling, big data analytics and long term predictive load forecasting.


  • Capital Savings & Deferral
  • Operating Savings
  • Ease of Use – Managing all demand management capabilities from a single intuitive operational management platform, allowing utilities to deploy DR/DSM programs with success
  • Reliability– Behavioral reductions & Incentives
  • Changing Supply Gaps– Nuclear Plant reductions, Coal Plant Shut Downs, Wholesale Energy Constraints, Solar & Wind intermittency
  • Environment – Co2 laws strengthened, Demand Management, critical resource
  • Customer Relationships

About IPKeys Power Partners 
IPKeys Power Partners’ provides secure technology solutions to the complex challenges faced by our country’s utilities and cities. These challenges encompass cyber secure energy infrastructure, optimized electricity demand management and reliable public safety communication networks. Our technology solutions portfolio encompasses networks, data centers, cybersecurity, software, hardware and smart energy grids

The company is headquartered in Eatontown, NJ and has national installation including Shreveport LAStafford VASan Diego, CAAnnapolis Junction, MDAustin and Dallas TX.


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