ISG Forms Partnership with Deep Learning-powered Re:infer

Powered by AI, clients can analyze conversations to improve collaboration, efficiency, agility and customer service

ISG Automation, the pure-play intelligent automation business of Information Services Group (ISG) (Nasdaq: III), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, said today it is partnering with Re:infer, a London-based provider of an AI platform solution that helps clients derive business value from analyzing both external and internal conversations.

Re:infer, founded in 2015 by Ph.D. scientists from the AI research lab at University College London, uses machine learning technology to understand the massive amounts of communications data generated by the typical business each day—data previously lost or ignored due to processing limitations. The Re:infer conversational data intelligence platform helps organizations gain insights from every conversation, bringing teams together and the business closer to its customers.

“Communications mining—that is, analyzing unstructured, text-based messages for insights—is the next frontier in digital transformation,” said Wayne Butterfield, director, ISG Automation. “Our partnership with Re:infer will give our clients a new understanding of what their employees, customers and other constituents are saying, and how to use that insight to make the business more efficient, more agile and more attuned to customer needs and market opportunities.”

Re:infer’s deep learning technology automates the interpretation of conversational data and bridges the gap between humans and information technology systems, and between unstructured and structured data, said Ed Challis, co-founder and CEO of Re:infer.

“Re:infer gives our clients’ infrastructure a new perceptual capability to listen and understand any of their communications in real time and at scale,” Challis said. “Clients can detect and service customer needs they’d otherwise miss—accounting for huge increases in customer satisfaction. By automating conversational data, we drastically improve fulfillment from hours to seconds and massively increase throughput and efficiency—in some settings by over a thousand times.”

The Re:infer conversational data intelligence platform allows users to deploy custom machine-learning models to analyze their communications data, converting each message into structured, machine-readable data in real time. The zero-code platform allows business users to create their own AI models, for greater specificity and flexibility. The platform’s self-learning capability continuously improves model accuracy.

“ISG Automation continues to add value to its portfolio of automation solutions by bringing the best cognitive capabilities to our clients,” said Chip Wagner, CEO of ISG Automation. “Our partnership with Re:infer meets an important need for clients who are looking to automate the interpretation of their unstructured data to inform their automated business processes. Working with Re:infer, our clients will be able to optimize their revenue potential by deriving new insights from customer conversations, while optimizing cost, efficiency and scalability across the enterprise.”

ISG Automation’s alliance with Re:infer is in line with its strategy of partnering with the world’s leading automation software and service providers to bring the benefits of intelligent process automation to clients. ISG Automation clients will have immediate access to the Re:infer platform and ISG Automation will be able to introduce its full range of services to Re:infer clients.

ISG Automation is the pure-play intelligent automation unit of ISG with a full portfolio of services, including automation assessments and strategy, proof-of-concept deployments, implementation and integration of software bots, establishment of centers of excellence to scale automation, as well as training and managed services. For more about ISG Automation, visit this webpage.

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