AI Announces New Client: Texas A&M University Office for Student Success

Texas A&M's Office for Student Success Selected to Implement and Maintain an Artificially Intelligent Conversational Chatbot
Artificial Intelligence

In partnership with, an industry leader in Artificial Intelligence for Higher Education, Texas A&M University Office for Student Success will implement an artificially intelligent conversational agent to serve one of the largest undergraduate populations in the US. This bot will be connected with the university’s existing Financial Aid and Career Services bots to provide around the clock service to their students.

“Our history as a land-grant university dedicated to educating the citizens of our state means that we must adapt our practices to better serve our students. Putting students and their families first has required us to rethink our advising model, provide a common first year experience and create a First Generation Center. Since our goals include closing retention and graduation achievement gaps across various demographics (ethnic, first-generation status, gender, and socio-economic status), access to information for all students must be cutting edge,” said Dr. Timothy Scott, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Student Success, “We think about the Ivy chatbot as a one-stop shop for our students. It’s a marvelous amenity to meet students where they are, so we’re excited to bring it on-board. Our Association of Former Students is so committed to this work, they have generously agreed to underwrite the initial funding of the chatbot.”

The Texas A&M Office for Student Success is dedicated to providing comprehensive resources to students, including those most historically underserved. These initiatives include academic advising that is case-based and not transactional, creation of a common first-year experience, a first generation center, and utilization of predictive analytics and a common advising platform. The chatbot will help the office scale their communications by answering hard-to-ask questions and guiding students to the appropriate resources to help navigate their academic, home, and financial lives.

Dr. Scott also noted that the bot can provide “just-in-time assistance” for topics, whether they be academic, financial, or personal. Because Texas A&M already has two departmental bots, the Student Success bot will have access to the existing Financial Aid and Career Services databases. When the bot is launched, it will already have a library of financial aid resources, and it will continue to “learn” as students ask new questions.

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with Texas A&M University. The Office for Student Success can count on Ivy to deliver effective, scalable communication to their students,” said Mark McNasby, CEO of “The chatbot will direct students to the appropriate resources, so the Texas A&M team can focus on more meaningful interactions.”

The chatbot modernizes communication for Higher Education. This allows schools to properly scale their communications without the often inhibitive costs of a communications team. The chatbot will answer the most commonly asked questions, so student services teams can focus on special cases.

About Texas A&M University’s Office of Student Success
The Texas A&M Office for Student Success is dedicated to providing comprehensive resources to its students, including its historically underserved populations. Through programs such as case-based academic advising, a common first-year experience, and predictive analytics, the office aims to fuel student success and increase retention.

About is the leading provider of conversational, artificially intelligent chatbots for higher education. Ivy chatbots for websites, text messaging, and Facebook expand student access, reduce staff workload, and increase operational efficiency by providing 24/7, omni-channel information access. deploys state of the art technology, like natural language processing (NLP), to elevate the learning experience and empower academic achievement.

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