Komodo Health awarded CMS Innovator’s License

As the company continues to invest in the quality of data in its Healthcare Map, the coveted Innovator’s License from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will unlock an unparalleled depth and breadth of connected patient journey insights for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Komodo Health today announced it has been awarded a CMS Innovator’s License, giving the company access to de-identified Medicare claims, Medicaid claims, and Medicare Advantage encounter data, which will greatly advance its already-robust health services research program. With the Innovator’s License, Komodo will now be able to infuse insights derived from its Innovator research program directly into its Healthcare Map, AI-powered technology platform, and suite of software applications. Komodo’s customers will now be able to derive even more nuanced insights that reflect the entire CMS patient population, alongside Komodo’s unparalleled view into commercial claims and other sources.

Komodo Health has had access to Medicare data since 2017, when the company was certified as a CMS Qualified Entity, to produce public reports on metrics relating to quality of healthcare. Now, Komodo will have the ability to integrate even more CMS data — representing more than 130 million U.S. beneficiaries — into its products for research purposes. Combining two of the largest and most comprehensive patient-level resources in the U.S. will give a uniquely granular view into patient populations, treatment pathways, outcomes, and disease trends. Komodo customers will be able to produce even more novel and impactful research to drive advancements in patient care and bring innovative therapies to market.

“The industry cannot meaningfully address disease burden without a ground truth data source — which is why Komodo is continually focused on high-quality data enhancements and investments to our Healthcare Map,” said Arif Nathoo, MD, Co-Founder and CEO, Komodo Health. “Komodo’s Innovator’s License will not only take our insights to new heights for customers, it will help us enhance the fidelity of RWE research that can shine a light on how to better address the unique needs of diverse patient communities, accelerate R&D breakthroughs, and close gaps in care.”

Komodo’s platform offerings, workflow applications, and technology services are built on the ground-truth view of patient journeys assembled in the company’s proprietary Healthcare Map. Komodo’s Healthcare Map captures insights on 330 million patient journeys, including 15 million daily clinical encounters from hundreds of sources. This comprehensive view of de-identified patient encounters enables its customers to model the epidemiology of disease and direct resources where they are needed most. On that foundation, Komodo has developed innovative software solutions that use AI and machine learning to pinpoint geographic “hot spots” for disease and drive insights to improve quality and outcomes for patients.


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