Liaison Technologies Celebrates Health IT Innovations During National Health IT Week

Liaison Technologies Celebrates Health IT Innovations During National Health IT Week

Liaison ALLOY Platform for Healthcare Supports Drive to Mature Data Integration Processes for Enhanced Interoperability, Discovery and Patient Data Privacy

Liaison Technologies, a recognized leader in cloud-based integration and data management solutions, joins clinicians, administrators and researchers to celebrate National Health IT Week from October 8-12.

“Innovations from all areas of healthcare information technology are driving the digital transformation of the industry and advancing Triple Aim goals of enhanced patient care, reduced cost, and improved population health,” said Rob Consoli, Chief Revenue Officer for Liaison Technologies.  “As we take time to recognize the many achievements in health IT, it is also important to remember that there is still much more work to do – especially in achieving mature data integration processes that facilitate interoperability, discovery and patient data privacy.”

According to Consoli, one of the most significant challenges that requires the ongoing creativity and innovation of healthcare IT professionals is the continual emergence of new sources and types of data.  Data is coming on board from an increasing number of cloud-based applications, from the Internet of Things (IOT) and from innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to healthcare.  Data from these sources has the potential to inform clinical and business operations to improve care and costs if it is not left trapped in silos.  To harness insights contained within these new streams of data, healthcare providers must have the right tools and processes in place to integrate, manage and share data across the care continuum.  They must also ensure data quality and effectively analyze the data – all while achieving and maintaining compliance with strict data security and privacy regulations.

Healthcare provider organizations today indicate that their capabilities to integrate data in a way that not only facilitates discovery and interoperability, but also ensures patient data privacy, remain surprisingly immature. This fact is confirmed by a recent study conducted by Aberdeen, a leading industry analyst firm, in partnership with Liaison Technologies.

To measure the maturity of healthcare organizations’ efforts to manage data, Aberdeen developed a Net Maturity Index across six key elements of an enterprise data lifecycle:  managing, storing, protecting, syndicating, ingesting and integrating data. An index score of greater than 50 percent indicates that organizations believe they have achieved strong maturity in that particular element, while an index score of less than 50 percent indicates immaturity in that element.

Managing data, which includes normalizing, cleansing, validating and correlating data, earned a 66.6 percent score from healthcare respondents, the only element of the data lifecycle where maturity was indicated. The lowest score across all six or the elements – 3.9 percent – was given to the step of integrating data from disparate sources, formats and protocols.

“I believe it is important to note that effective integration of all data sources is important, not only for achieving compliance with data security and privacy regulations in healthcare, but also for research and patient care,” said Consoli.  “One of the difficulties identified in the study is the number and complexity of data sources handled by healthcare entities, but that is a challenge that will be with us for a long time as more data sources continue to emerge.”

In its report, Aberdeen suggests that one way to overcome the integration challenge, which is exacerbated by technical and resource limitations, is to partner with an IT services provider.  Such providers, Aberdeen says, can offer the advanced technology platforms, people and processes required to more effectively manage data integration on behalf of hospitals and hospital systems, and to help them achieve greater maturity across all elements of their enterprise data lifecycles.

The award-winning Liaison ALLOY® Platform for Healthcare offers all of the components healthcare providers need to mature their data life cycles. Liaison handles integration and data management for users as a managed service. The platform, with its big data and micorservices architecture, integrates, manages, harmonizes and shares all types of data from multiple sources, including Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), medical devices, wearable fitness trackers and even social media.  Liaison also achieves and maintains the highest levels of compliance with all data security and privacy regulations for the platform, its people and processes, reducing the compliance burden for healthcare providers.

“Integration and interoperability are key to healthcare’s ability to transform patient care, improve outcomes and reduce costs,” said Consoli. “Liaison is proud to be part of the industry’s digital transformation as we work together to unlock the power of the data we now have at our fingertips.”

For more information about National Health IT Week, visit or use #NHITWeek or #IHeartHIT to follow the conversation on social media. Find out more about the Liaison ALLOY Platform for Healthcare at

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