Moddable unveiled Moddable Four

Operates a Full Year on a Coin Cell Battery with Display On

Moddable, a pioneer in Embedded JavaScript for IoT, today announced the launch of Moddable Four, an industry-first IoT platform combining hardware and software to enable the development of ultra-low power products using standard JavaScript. With Moddable Four, organizations can fast-track their innovative IoT projects, leveraging modern JavaScript and industry-standard APIs.

Moddable Four is a significant leap forward in IoT development technology, with a groundbreaking integrated hardware and software design that simplifies the notoriously challenging task of developing energy-efficient firmware for battery-powered products. Peter Hoddie, Founder and CEO of Moddable, stated, “Moddable Four reaffirms our commitment to modernizing the embedded development experience to accelerate IoT innovation.”

Moddable Four hardware is powered by a Nordic nRF52 microcontroller with BLE, 256 KB RAM, a 64 MHz Cortex M4 CPU, and a coin cell battery holder. Displays make IoT products more powerful and easier to use, so Moddable Four features a fast memory display, jog-dial, and accelerometer for energy-efficient interactive user experiences. Sensors and other peripherals connect to the 12-pin expansion header.

The hardware is also available as a module to incorporate into low volume consumer and industrial IoT products. For high volume products and customization, Moddable works with manufacturers to adapt the Moddable Four reference design to their needs.

Moddable Four software is powered by the secure and reliable Moddable SDK, built around the XS JavaScript engine with support for the latest ES2023 and ECMA-419 standards. The advanced JavaScript debugger and performance profiler accelerate development. Built-in software modules – BLE peripheral and central, I/O, sensors, graphics, UI framework, Web Workers and more – jumpstart development. Embedded developers have the flexibility to integrate native C code to access hardware, optimize, and reuse code. TypeScript, widely adopted in large organizations, is also supported.

The software is production-ready and already shipping in IoT products. “We’re impressed,” said Mike Aronson, President of Rumble Development, who collaborated with Moddable to bring an nRF52-powered industrial IoT camera to market. “The Moddable SDK took our user experience to the next level. The ease of development, energy efficiency, and reliability were essential to the success of our development.”

Available now for an affordable $26.99 directly from Moddable, Moddable Four is poised to be a game-changer in the IoT space. For more information, visit Introducing Moddable Four.

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