MulticoreWare Inc. Expands Footprint

MulticoreWare Inc., a global software company that develops machine learning, compilers, and video compression software addressing Security & Surveillance, Media & Entertainment, and Autonomous Vehicle market segments, announced the inauguration of its new office and delivery centre in Coimbatore.

The office was inaugurated in the presence of the leadership team including Mr. Arun Ramanathan, Vice President of Media & AI Analytics, Mr. Jayesh Patel, Vice President of Autonomous Vehicles & Automotive business unit and Mr.Shashikanth Jayaraman, Vice President – Global HR.

Mr. Jayesh Patel, Vice President of Autonomous Vehicles & Automotive division said: “I am delighted that MulticoreWare’s new office in Coimbatore will provide more options for supporting our valuable customers both within the region as well as globally. In addition, the unique talent pool accessible through Coimbatore’s excellent academic institutions will help to accelerate our research activities in the Autonomous Vehicles and Automotive (AVA) business.”

Attending the event virtually, CEO and Founder, Mr. A.G. Karunakaran said: “We are seeing steady progress and business growth that justified this expansion. The location is strategic due to the proximity to premier engineering colleges. As part of our MAGIC (MulticoreWare Academia Global Innovation Centre) initiative to establish a virtual collaborative framework for joint R&D projects with academia, we stand committed to our close relationships with the academic institutions in Coimbatore for campus recruitment, internships as well as faculty programs.”

The investment in the new office represents MulticoreWare’s continued commitment to the Indian market, as it focuses on its service offerings across machine learning, compilers, and AI analytics to clients across sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, media & advertising & retail.

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