Neoway Cat.1 bis Modules Have No.1 Market Share in India Power IoT

With the policies and the continuous advancement of industrial chains, such as chip and module manufacturers, Cat.1 has accelerated its integration into thousands of industries.

In November 2019, Neoway released the industry’s first true Cat.1 bis module N58 at the China Mobile Global Partner Conference, and was the first to achieve large-scale commercial use of Cat.1 bis modules. With the enrichment of applications, Neoway has successively developed a variety of products, such as ultra-small size module N716 and vertical application module N715, according to customer needs, providing various choices for different IoT customers.

As a pioneer in the field of wireless communications for power IoT, Neoway has been leading the industry with stable and reliable innovative communications products accompanying the growth of China’s smart grid since the beginning of the intelligentization of China’s power industry in 2009. It has also extended to markets outside China, leading China’s “smart” manufacturing to serve markets outside China.

In the India power markets, Neoway is the earliest to enter the markets and has been working hard for the longest time. With the proposal of India’s smart grid development strategy, India smart power IoT markets are in rapid development. Neoway has become the first IoT access communications product and service provider to apply Cat.1 to India power markets. Neoway provides stable and reliable access communications solutions for the intelligence and digitalization of the India power grid in multiple links, such as power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption.

  • Leading technology: Neoway has taken the lead in introducing Cat.1 products to India markets since 2020. With excellent product performance and mature application experience, Neoway provides optimal communications options for India power customers. Neoway Cat.1 ranks first in India power markets and even the entire India industry in terms of the shipment volume.
  • Stability and reliability: In the energy industry, the stability and reliability of products are critical. Neoway modules have undergone over 100,000 abnormal power-off tests, stability tests of network registration and switching under weak network conditions, and strict tests, such as high and low temperature, high and low humidity, vibration, and drop. Neoway modules have excellent ESD capability and super anti-interference capability, ensure no network disconnection and no data loss, and always provide customers with stable and reliable connectivity.
  • Stable supply: In 2020-2021, under multiple pressures, such as COVID-19 and global chip shortage, Neoway still maintained a stable supply to customers in the India power IoT industry, providing guarantee for the construction of new infrastructure in India.
  • Localized service: In order to respond to local customer needs in a timely manner and ensure service quality, Neoway has established a local sales and FAE team in India since 2016, insisting on localized service and building a localized service system that covers the whole country and is close to customers.

As a country with a large population, India has huge growth potential in electric power markets. With more than 10+ years of leading technology and experience in China’s power IoT, Neoway has taken root in the India power IoT markets since the 2G era. After the changes of 3G, 4G Cat.4, NB-IoT, and other technologies, the advantages of Cat.1 were finally successfully promoted to India power markets. Neoway will continue to lay a solid foundation in India markets, strengthen local team building, and provide customers with more efficient and professional localized services.

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