New Dell Precision Workstations Deliver Intelligent Performance for the Most Demanding Applications

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  • Plough through even complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects with Dell’s most powerful mobile workstations – Dell Precision 7540 and 7740
  • Demanding workloads made easy with new Dell Precision 5000 and 7000 series mobile workstations combining up to Intel® Xeon® E or 9th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and latest professional graphics
  • Space and budget-conscious businesses to benefit from latest updates to Dell Precision 3630 and 3431 tower and 3930 rack workstations

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Now featuring the latest processors, next-gen graphics, new display options and longer battery lifei, Dell’s new mobile workstations give customers the freedom to create wherever they are, like never before. Designed for creators and innovators needing extreme performance and reliability, these powerhouse systems are fully equipped to take on the most demanding data- and graphics-intensive workloads, whether that be to help you power the next healthcare breakthrough or to edit a blockbuster movie.

Dell Technologies also announces updates to its Precision 3000 series towers and the Precision 1U rack workstation all offering outstanding performance and affordability within a small form factor.

Users also will have peace of mind that applications will run smoothly whatever the workload, as all Dell Precision workstations are Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certified and also equipped with Dell Precision Optimizer software – an intelligent solution that automatically tailors the system’s settings to get the best software performance from the workstation allowing you to get intensive work done faster and smarter.

“The Precision workstation portfolio is all about creating and working without limits. Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever before, and our customers have come to rely on Dell workstations to deliver the highest performance for their critical workflows, no matter where they are working that day,” said Tom Tobul, Vice President and General Manager of Dell Commercial Specialty Products. “Incorporating the latest components and intelligent features like Dell Precision Optimizer, our new workstations are designed with power users in mind and allow for innovation and creativity to flourish.”

Create ground-breaking content, crunch data and push boundaries in style

The compact design of the new 5000 and 7000 series mobile workstations means that power seekers do not need to sacrifice style or mobility to create and crunch data on-the-go. The combination of extreme battery life, powerful processor configurations and large storage options mean that users can stay connected and deliver their mission-critical projects wherever they are, eliminating any worries about a dip in productivity when users leave their desks.

Starting at 3.9lbs, Dell’s thinnest and lightest 15″ mobile workstationii, the Dell Precision 5540 features up to Intel® Xeon® E or 9th Gen Intel® Core™ 8-core processors. Professional-grade graphics are powered with up to an NVIDIA Quadro T2000 (4GB).

Embodying a sleek design that fits a 15.6-inch InfinityEdge display into a 14-inch chassisiii, the Precision 5540 is thin on the outside, but up to 4TB of storage and up to 64GB of memoryiv means you can access, transfer and store large 3D, video and multimedia files quickly and easily. Editors, designers and photographers focused on the finer details also will benefit from impressive contrast ratios, touch capability and picture quality with up to an UHD, 100% Adobe color gamut display or the new OLED display with 100% DCI-P3 color gamut.

Its more commanding sibling, the Dell Precision 7540 mobile workstation, is Dell’s most powerful 15-inch mobile workstationv and comes with a range of 15.6″ display options, including a UHD HDR 400 display. Customers developing or analyzing detailed content will love that it supports up to 8K resolution and playback of HDR content via single Display Port 1.4.

Despite its deceivingly compact form, the device packs a punch as Dell’s smallest Ready for Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) mobile workstation, and it features the performance you need for the most demanding workloads. For users with significant data and content to process, the Precision 7540 can accelerate heavy workflows with up to 3200MHz SuperSpeed memory or impressive capacity – up to 128GB of 2666MHz ECC memory.

For customers whose process requires an even more immersive experience, the new Dell Precision 7740 with its 17.3-inch screen does not hold back. This is Dell’s most powerful and scalable mobile workstationvi made with premium materials and professional components, and available with the choice of a stunning Titan Gray aluminum or carbon fiber cover. VR and AI-ready it is designed to help users bring their most data-heavy, graphic-intensive ideas to life from complex CAD designs for the latest architectural masterpiece or futuristic car, to game-changing machine learning projects and AI infrastructure transitions. The Precision 7740 will allow users to push the boundaries of science and innovation while keeping applications running smoothly.

The Precision 7740 boasts similar power of a fixed workstation and has been updated to feature up to the latest Intel® Xeon® E or 9th Gen Intel® Core™ 8-core processors. The 7740 comes with up to 128GB of ECC memory, and a large PCIe SSD storage capacity (up to 8TB). The latest NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphics deliver real-time ray tracing with AI-based graphics acceleration. Additional options include next-generation AMD Radeon™ Pro. It is available with a range of display options including a new 17.3″ UltraSharp UHD IGZO display featuring 100% Adobe color gamut.

Workstation-class performance built for the budget- and space-conscious

With an ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, Dell Precision rack solutions offer secure, remote access for applications and help keep intellectual property in the data center. Space-constrained offices can benefit from moving the workstation to the datacenter, and the Dell Precision 3930 rack workstation is a great solution for customers running complex application environments such as interactive design and large data set analysis workloads. The world’s most powerful 1U rack workstationvii offers scalability in a compact form factor at an affordable price and has been updated with Intel ® Xeon® E or 9th Gen Intel® Core™ processor options. The solution now offers up to 128GB of memory and up to one double-width 295W of NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon™ Pro professional graphics support.

The next-generation Dell Precision 3630 and 3431 tower workstations maximize workspaces without sacrificing features. These towers will accelerate workflows and improve response time with up to 128GB or 64GB of 2666Mhz ECC or non-ECC memory respectively, and both offer scalable storage options perfect for growing businesses or those needing to expand their technology solutions over time. The Precision 3630 offers up to delivers up to 16GB video memory with Quadro P5000 graphics. Users also have the option of graphics support with the AMD Radeon™ Pro WX7100. With Dell Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) and ISV certifications, the towers are designed to deliver protection from potential crashes and peace of mind for your software investment.

Supporting Quotes
“With the new Dell Precision mobile workstations, power users are no longer bound by their desks,” says Bob Pette, vice president of professional visualization, NVIDIA. “With the AI and ray-tracing capabilities of NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs, Precision users can manage the most complex data and demanding graphics workloads from any location for better collaboration, efficiency and creativity.”

Availability and Pricing
To ensure customers have maximum flexibility whatever their workflow, all workstations announced today will have a range of operating system options including Windows® 10 Pro, Red Hat ® and Ubuntu Linux, and others.

  • The Dell Precision 5540, 7540 and 7740 mobile workstations will be available on from early July. Starting prices will begin at $1339$1149 and $1409 respectively.
  • The Dell Precision 3630 Tower Workstation will be available on from mid-July, starting at $609.
  • The Dell Precision 3431 Tower Workstation will be available on from June, with process starting at $609.
  • The Dell Precision 3930 Rack will be available on from mid-July, starting at $879.

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i Up to 21 hours and 15 minutes of battery life on the Dell Precision 3541 tested with Intel Core i5-9400H, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, HD panel and 97Whr battery, using the Mobile Mark 2014 benchmark test, available at Test results are for comparative purposes only.  Actual battery life may be significantly less than the test results and varies depending on product configuration and use, software, operating conditions, power management settings and other factors. Maximum battery life will decrease with time. Based on internal analysis, April 2019. 
ii Weights vary depending on configuration and manufacturing variability.
iii Based on Dell internal analysis, May 2019.
iv System memory may be used to support graphics, depending on system memory size and other factors.
v When equipped with Intel® Xeon® E -2286M, 8-core Xeon, 128GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 graphics. Based on Dell internal analysis, May 2019. 
vi When equipped with Intel® Xeon® E -2286M, 8-core Xeon, 128 GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 graphics. Based on Dell internal analysis, May 2019. 
vii When equipped with Intel® Xeon® E-2186G processor, available 64GB of 2666MHz memory capacity, NVIDIA GP100 graphics and 2xM.2PCIe storage. Based on Dell internal analysis of competitive workstation products as of February 2018.

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