New Mexico Bankers Association Endorses IP Services Cybersecurity

New Mexico Bankers Association Endorses IP Services Cybersecurity

The New Mexico Bankers Association (NMBA) has endorsed IP Services to provide cybersecurity and critical Information Technology (IT) system’s management to NMBA member banks.

Banks maintain sensitive information that they work hard to protect.  As consumers and businesses rely more on electronic devices to bank and shop online, ensuring availability and security of evolving systems is critical to a bank’s success. The strict security and compliance standards required of banks also make operating IT more complex. IP Services solves these challenges by using an integrated set of processes and controls to ensure uninterrupted systems and business performance while adhering to strict compliance and security requirements. IP Services is also endorsed by the ArizonaOregonWashington and Montana Bankers Associations.

“We are excited to welcome IP Services as the newest endorsed partner of New Mexico Banking Association.  They will bring tremendous value to our member banks by way of providing superior management of their critical IT systems,” said NMBA President Jason Wyatt. “Virtually every banking member in New Mexico share their concern about exposure to data breaches and the negative impact such an event would have on their customers and the financial reputation that would follow. They have a unique ability to manage and secure IT that is cost effective and demonstrates an ability to mitigate IT risk while demonstrating compliance on an on-going basis.”

“IP Services is excited to partner with NMBA and build relationships with New Mexico banks”, said Scott Alldridge, CEO of IP Services. “We look forward to helping New Mexico banks improve availability, comply with audit and compliance requirements, and bridge the gap between business and IT strategies.”

About IP Services 
IP Services proactively manages clients’ cybersecurity and critical IT systems and applications in any datacenter using the VisibleOpsTM methodology and the quality control system we created called TotalControl™.  IP Services’ Next Generation Cybersecurity uses scientifically proven best practices to secure businesses and the users they serve by monitoring and protecting the systems and applications that are the heart of modern business – Managed Services and Managed Cybersecurity Services.  IP Services’ target market is best suited for small and medium size banks in the U.S. that lack the resources to effectively provide comprehensive IT management and necessary security and compliance services. To learn more about IP Services please visit

About the New Mexico Bankers Association
The mission of the New Mexico Banker’s Association is to represent member interests on both national and state legislative issues impacting the banking industry; provide educational resources to enhance bank personnel success; promote unity within the industry on common issues; and improve the regulatory climate to allow members to successfully compete in offering financial and related products and services.

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