Noble.AI to provide free AI tools to scientific community

"Immunity Initiative" will provide cloud-based AI tools to researchers world-wide

Noble.AI, an industry leader in AI powered software that accelerates science and helps researchers make more important discoveries faster, announced that today they are launching the Immunity Initiative – – providing free cloud-based AI models and data to  research labs and scientists around the world to speed discovery of the most promising treatments and cures for Covid-19.

The outcome of the battle against Covid-19 depends on how experts in science and engineering collaborate and the tools they have to advance their research both rapidly and efficiently. Artificial Intelligence could be a game changer, but access to AI tools in research is not as common as many think.

The goal of the Immunity Initiative is to catalyse connecting researchers to the best AI models from every research group around the world, including to Noble.AI’s own protein engineering and immunotherapy AI, for free. Scientists can receive analysis and predictions via the cloud-based platform and easily make their own models available to the Covid-19 research community, to collaborate in the search for a solution to the pandemic.

This idea of democratizing access to AI for researchers is key, Noble.AI CEO Matthew Levy says. “We are inviting everyone in the AI community to host their models using our cloud software. We are committing to make it freely available to all Covid-19 researchers and scientists working on beating the virus. Our goal is to build a community of people on the pathway to finding a cure.”

“Scientists may already have data that can accelerate efforts to beat the virus,” explained Professor Moritz Riede of the University of Oxford, a member of Noble.AI’s Scientific Advisory Board, “but in science there is often a gap between having the data and being able to develop solutions to complex problems.”  AI that the researchers can themselves use quickly and efficiently is the bridge and according to Levy, “there may be so much low hanging fruit to be picked, just by upgrading the tools scientists are using.”

Although the Immunity Initiative is focused on the current pandemic, powerful AI could enhance today’s mainstream research tools to enable even greater advances in the future – and stop future pandemics in their tracks.

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