NovuMind Welcomes John Wei as VP of Design Technologies

NovuMind Welcomes John Wei as VP of Design Technologies

NovuMind Inc., a leading innovator in full-stack Artificial Intelligence technologies, announced today that Dr. John Wei has joined the company in the role of Vice President of Design Technologies. John will lead full-customization initiatives to ensure that NovuMind can deliver highly customized solutions based on its NovuTensor™ chip. NovuTensor is purpose-built for AI inferencing, with breakthrough performance-power ratios that make it ideal for deployment in embedded applications and edge servers.

According to Dr. Ren Wu, CEO and founder of NovuMind, “We are very pleased to welcome John to our team. We already have the most advanced AI inference chip, with a patented design that brings unsurpassed performance-to-power ratios. With John’s new initiatives, we plan to migrate this design to smaller-geometry semiconductor processes that will drive even more performance gains.”

“We are at the dawn of an era of massive AI deployment,” continued Dr. Wu. “Advances in deep learning and the semiconductor technology to deploy it will mean that we can put the powers of perception and thinking in all kinds of network-edge applications. We want to provide our NovuTensor engine in a variety of forms, optimized for different power-performance ranges, to meet the needs of all of our customers.”

Dr. Wei commented, “I am thrilled to be part of the NovuMind team and join this effort to enable deployment of AI everywhere, from the data center out to the edges of the network.”

John Wei has over 25 years of scientific, design, and management experience in the semiconductor industry. His experience includes Chief Scientist at Alchip, Director of Chip Design at Celestial Semiconductor (acquired by Cavium), Chief Technologist at Tensilica (acquired by Cadence), Sr. Manager of Physical Design at Marvell Semiconductor, and IC Design Manager at PMC-Sierra (acquired by Microsemi). He graduated with BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Materials Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, an MSMSE from Stanford University, a PhD in EE from Dartmouth, and did post-doctoral work in the Dept. of EECS at MIT. He holds 4 US patents in IC design and has published numerous IEEE refereed papers.

About NovuMind

NovuMind helps companies put the power of AI into their products. The NovuTensor chip, along with a full stack of AI solutions support, enables OEMs to embed deep learning inference capability, even in applications where power or network access are limited. Led by AI industry pioneer Ren Wu, the NovuMind team has expertise in machine learning, chip design, and high-performance computing. The company’s headquarters and R&D are located in Santa Clara CA, with additional offices in Beijing and Guangzhou, China. For more information, please visit us at:

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