OneRail announced new executive leadership roles

  • David Daeschler, currently OneRail’s Chief Technology Officer, promoted to newly created role of Executive Vice President of Data Science and AI
  • Chris Kucharski, longtime technology industry leader, joins OneRail as new Chief Product and Technical Officer
  • OneRail Platform tops 3.7 million transactions in Q1, focused on unlocking data and creating additional value for customers

OneRail, a leading provider of solutions in last mile omnichannel fulfillment, announced new executive leadership roles as the company drives forward its artificial intelligence (AI) and customer-centric technology innovations strategy. Chris Kucharski has been appointed as the company’s new Chief Product and Technical Officer (CPTO), and current Chief Technology Officer (CTO) David Daeschler transitions to the new role of Executive Vice President of Data Science and AI, leading a newly created department.

Kucharski will be responsible for leading the company’s technology and product management teams, including development, cloud, information technology, security, product management and user experience development. This addition to the executive leadership team will streamline collaboration between the technology and product teams. He will ensure the company remains at the forefront of industry trends.

Daeschler will drive the development and implementation of the company’s forward-looking strategy. The creation of this new department enables the company to accelerate the potential of its AI and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to leverage its data to unlock operating efficiencies, new products, new business models and cost savings.

“We’ve been leveraging AI for three years and currently get a 71:1 operating leverage on the labor required to manage the nearly 3 million deliveries that we execute for our customers every month,” said OneRail Founder & CEO Bill Catania. “With an aggregated network of over 1,000 API-connected delivery companies and over 12 million drivers, we have a mountain of unique data that will help our customers unlock even more value; further reducing costs through staff augmentation and identifying upstream operating efficiencies, either at the store or dock. I am excited to welcome Chris to the team to help us attain new levels of scale, and to promote David into his new role, which will drive OneRail’s next chapter of growth.”

Kucharski brings more than 20 years of executive leadership and deep technical experience in banking and supply chain markets. He has successfully led companies through transformation for growth. Prior to joining OneRail, Kucharski was the CTO at DAT Freight and Analytics — the industry’s largest marketplace for spot truckload freight. He also held technology leadership roles at; Angi, Inc (NASDAQ:ANGI); Nordstrom; Dimensional Fund Advisors; and Dell Corporation.

“As shippers prioritize a holistic customer experience, last mile delivery has become a critical aspect of that experience,” Kucharski said. “With OneRail’s easy-to-use products, we are enabling businesses to take the friction out of getting their goods into their customers’ hands in a dependable, predictable and scalable way. I am excited to get in the trenches with our customers to expand their use of OneRail’s data and platform, and unlock the next chapter of scale for OneRail.”

Daeschler has more than 20 years’ experience in software development and executive technology leadership, during which he has successfully led software architecture and data science projects. David was OneRail’s first CTO, overseeing the first line of code and early scale to 3.7 billion data transactions in Q1 2023. Prior to OneRail, he was the Senior Programmer at Core101 and was responsible for leading the push for better requirements gathering, as well as code documentation and diagramming for company projects. David also designed and developed the Antigua e-commerce suite — a flexible, robust and extensible commerce package. Daeschler founded InWorldz, LLC, a virtual OpenSims world.

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