Parsec Recognized for Internet-of-Things Innovation

International awards program recognizes Parsec for outstanding manufacturing execution system software

Parsec Automation Corp. today announced that its manufacturing execution system (MES), TrakSYS, was named the “Best Use Of Data For IoT Applications” in the fourth annual Data Breakthrough Awards. The prestigious awards program recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global data technology market today.

“We’re honored that TrakSYS has earned this recognition,” said Eddy Azad, chief executive officer at Parsec. “For more than 30 years, our team has been driven by a relentless commitment to our customers’ success, always improving on our innovations to deliver focused solutions that help manufacturers achieve their evolving goals.”

In today’s digitally-focused manufacturing businesses, data plays a critical role in making informed decisions—however, there are many infrastructure-related challenges with effective data collection in these complex environments. TrakSYS benchmarks performance and productivity by collecting and aggregating data from virtually any source (PLCs, ERP, IIoT devices, manual inputs, and more) to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence, all while leveraging the existing assets, resources, and infrastructure of the plant.

These valuable insights help manufacturers maximize asset utilization and efficiency, increase capacity with no new capital equipment, reduce production costs, decrease lead times, and improve profitability. The recognition from the Data Breakthrough Awards underscores Parsec’s leadership in the manufacturing technology space.

“Manufacturing organizations are looking for a way to get started with IoT and smart manufacturing but don’t always have the data they need,” said James Johnson, managing director, Data Breakthrough. “In the crowded field of manufacturing tech, TrakSYS stands out from the competition for its data-driven insights, visibility, extensibility, and interoperability. Parsec stays ahead of the MES curve by constantly advancing the underlying technology that drives its customers’ businesses forward.”

The selection criteria for the Data Breakthrough Awards were as follows:

  • Innovation: Does the product introduce new capabilities of significant improvements?
  • Performance: Does the product perform to a degree that improves overall performance versus competitors or previous solutions?
  • Ease of Use and Manageability: Is the product easy to install? Will the product scale to accommodate growth?
  • Functionality: Does the product deliver as promised? Does it provide greater or more useful functionality than others in its category?
  • Value: Does the product represent a cost-effective solution? Can its ROI be easily justified?
  • Impact: What needs does the product uniquely meet? What problems does it solve?

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