Planon launches Planon Workplace Edition

Planon, the leading global provider of smart sustainable building management software, today announced the launch of Planon Workplace Edition. Planon Workplace Edition allows organizations to modernize and improve their workplace management quickly and securely with the option to upgrade to the full Planon Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) suite later.

Planon Workplace Edition is a plug-and-play, cloud-based software solution. It is composed of fully integrated modules underpinned by smart IoT technology: Planon Workplace Insights and Planon Workplace Engagement.

Planon Workplace Insights – the foundation for Planon Workplace Engagement – displays analyzed information captured from IoT sensors (occupancy, utilization, people flow and indoor air quality measurements). This information supports workplace strategists and facility managers in making the right decisions to create engaging and productive workplaces.

The newest module, Planon Workplace Engagement, adds space and service management processes on top of that. In addition, a mobile app and other workplace engagement interfaces for the building user, including room booking panels and kiosks, enhance the workplace experience and build business resilience.

“With Planon Workplace Edition, organizations are able to use spaces in a cost-effective and sustainable way, while improving the well-being and productivity of their building users,” says Pierre Guelen, Planon’s founder and CEO. “It supports workplace professionals in ensuring a safe and healthy environment, and a great experience for building users.”

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