Premier Computing Announces New Cloud-Based ERP Subscription Model

Premier Computing is introducing new financial options that will allow companies to get the ERP system they need for a fraction of the cost.
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Premier Computing, a leading ERP consulting company in the Salt Lake area, announced today that it has introduced a new subscription service that will allow companies to deploy a new cloud-based ERP for a much lower cost by including the cost for implementation, software, hosting and support in a 3 or 5 year subscription agreement with no interest cost and no capital expense up front.

In many cases, the cost of purchasing and implementing a new ERP system does not equate to a small number. With multiple deployment options available, that number may also vary greatly depending on the type of deployment model that a company decides to pursue.

Premier Computing’s vice president of sales, David Maughan, says that while many companies need the attributes of a high-quality, modern ERP system for their business, many believe that the long length of implementation and the high cost of traditional solutions will disqualify them due to those high costs. While is true of traditional solutions, it is no longer true for the modern cloud solution deployed by Premier Computing, many deployments happen in under 3 months and the cost is a fraction of the traditional file server solutions.

According to, the average cost of an ERP system for a company ranging from 51-100 users is about $281,000, of which you can save about 20-30 points by opting for a SaaS-based deployment of the software. With Premier Computing’s offerings through Acumatica, the costs mentioned above are more in line with a 3-5 year software license and fully covered implementation solution verses the competition.

Premier’s leasing platform was developed with the intention of providing access to an ERP to companies that may not otherwise be able to do so, enabling their customers to hold on to their cash and yet reap the benefit of the #1 cloud solution as rated by Gartner and Nucleus.

About Premier Computing:
Established in 1952, Premier Computing has built a business on helping organizations use technology to streamline and enhance their operations. As technology has advanced over the decades, Premier Computing has made a point to evolve with the times. Over 67 years in business, they have gone from typewriters to computers to the cloud. Drawing upon a vast wealth of technical knowledge and experience, their expertise is unparalleled in the ERP, CRM, and cloud computing space.


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