Promena, Ranked Among Top 50 Global Procurement Providers

Turkey’s Promena included on Spend Matters’ list of ‘50 procurement providers to watch’

Promena, an Istanbul-based provider of strategic procurement software, has been included – for the second time– on Spend Matters’ list of “50 Procurement Providers to Watch” in the year ahead. A leading source of intelligence for the global procurement industry, Spend Matters releases its list every year.

“We are proud to be the first and only Turkish company to be included in the list, which serves to confirm Promena’s leading position in today’s rapidly-changing global procurement ecosystem,” Orçun Güven, Zer Sales and Promena Services Director, says.

Turkey’s First Global-Procurement Firm
Promena isowned and managedby Zer, a subsidiary of Turkey’s Koç Holding that specializes in strategic procurement and sourcing management. First launched in 2001, Promena offers a range of procurement services for the 21st century, including e-sourcing, e-procurement, expense analysis, and supplier information management.

“Turkey’s first global-procurement company, Promena helps businesses save money and time by digitalizing their procurement processes and providing end-to-end supply-chain solutions,” Güven explains. Along with Spend Matters’ “50 to Watch” list, Promena was featured in Capgemini’s latest Digital Procurement Research Report, and was also recently cited as a “Product Challenger” in the ISG Provider Lens Quadrant research series and Spend Matters SolutionMap report.

Turkey: Vital Link in Global Supply Chain
Due to pandemic-induced supply disruptions, Turkey has assumed an increasingly prominent role in the global supply matrix. Over the course of the last two years, a growing number of international brands have come to rely on Promena’s far-flung distribution network, which extends from India to Latin America.

Güven points to recent assertions by credit-rating agency Fitch that Turkey – more than any other country – had the most to gain from shifting global supply lines. “Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia are all easily accessible from Turkey,” he says, noting that these regions account for a collective population of 1.3 billion and a combined GDP of some $26 trillion.

The pandemic has also served to accelerate the digitalization of global supply processes, Güven adds. “If businesses hope to compete internationally, they must ensure the sustainability of their operations,” he says. “Promena can help businesses deal with the digital transformation by finding – and implementing – sustainable solutions to all their most pressing procurement needs.”

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