Propel Software 2024 Predictions & Winter Product Release

Improves Field Service and Product Quality; Enhances Customer Satisfaction; Enables IoT Connected Product Initiatives

Propel Software, creator of the first product value management (PVM) platform, expands the reach of its digital product thread throughout the enterprise with its latest PVM platform release. Unlike standalone PLM, PIM and QMS solutions that address siloed business functions, Propel’s PVM platform enables a broader set of stakeholders to work in tandem across the entire product lifecycle. The company’s third major release in 2023 links customer assets with product lifecycle management (PLM) delivering deep intelligence on how products are used and perform in real-world scenarios. This highly-valued product information gives companies the ability to refine design, improve quality, and drive greater lifetime customer value.

Gartner identified linking the product record to other areas of the business as one of its “Key Findings” in, Top BOM Practices for Building Digital Threads in Discrete Manufacturing Industries, released earlier this year. It cited, “Most product digital threads created today are limited to the design and manufacturing phases of product life cycles, and do not include service life or end of life.”

“Propel’s PVM platform breaks the traditional PLM/BOM mold, extending the digital thread from development into every area of the product lifecycle. Associating serialized customer assets with specific product record revisions, Propel enables customers to develop complete closed-loop visibility from design and development, through marketing and sales, into service and field support – all on a single platform,” said Eric Schrader, CPO at Propel. “This enables customers to execute their own IoT initiatives, tying operating data streams with associated product definition to drive new product offerings and improve the customer experience. This is a game changer for customers like Savant, helping them improve product quality and design.”

“Leveraging Propel and Salesforce, the Savant team created a master customer record on Salesforce using Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Commerce Cloud, in conjunction with creating a master product record on Propel. With Propel and Salesforce built on the same platform, the web services team was able to extend data, processes, and collaboration across the entire company. This strategy delivers valuable insights and speed across our engineering, customer support, operations, and sales teams and is the foundation that drives the high personal touch demanded by Savant customers,” said Angela Larson, GM, Professional Solutions.

By analyzing usage patterns and service histories through a connection to enterprise customer support and field service applications, such as Salesforce Service Cloud, companies can proactively address issues before they become problems, enhancing customer satisfaction.

In addition, to improve the integrity and efficiency of the change management process, Propel’s Winter ‘24 release provides simple configuration settings to execute document change orders (DCOs) and administrative change orders (ACOs) without rolling revisions. Bill of material (BOM) enhancements and Propel Relay, a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) simplify communications with contract manufacturers and complimentary enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. To learn more about Propel’s products, visit

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