PWR Lab Wins 3rd Annual Pioneer Pitch Competition

Company Turning Wearables Data into Actionable Information for Brands

PWR Lab, a startup seeking to transform lived experience data from smartwatches and other wearables into a trove of actionable information for brands, was the big winner at the 3rd Annual Pioneer Pitch contest in Flagstaff.

The tech firm is currently partnering with brands in the athletic sector, where lived experience data from wearables is particularly relevant, but ultimately expects to establish the digital standard across a broad range of companies.

PWR Lab was among 14 startups competing in the event hosted by Moonshot at NACET, an entrepreneurship program, before a panel of community stakeholders, business mentors and Moonshot staff.

“We chose PWR Lab for first prize because it’s a forward-thinking Moonshot idea that has unlimited future uses, builds off of Flagstaff’s growing digital technology sector, and will create high-paying jobs in northern Arizona,” said Moonshot at NACET President & CEO Scott Hathcock.

PWR Lab began in Santa Cruz, California, the brainchild of co-founder Adam Stepanovic, a data scientist who worked for major Silicon Valley tech companies. Disillusioned by how data was being collected to “market and manipulate,” the founders envisioned a company that would respect privacy rights while leveraging information to benefit both businesses and consumers.

“If we give individuals the power to choose who has access to their lived experience data, and what they want in return for that access, it creates a balanced opportunity for companies and customers alike,” he said.

For example, a runner wearing a GPS-enabled smartwatch generates data that would tell a running shoe company how often they run, whether it’s on trails or pavement, and even prevailing weather conditions in the region – factors enabling the company to accurately identify the best products for that runner. The customer would get timely advice on the perfect pair of running shoes and related equipment, while the company’s recommendations build customer loyalty.

PWR Lab moved to Flagstaff last year as Stepanovic and his family sought to escape the frequent wildfires and prohibitive housing costs of northern California.

“Moving to Flagstaff has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made,” he said. “The community is warm and vibrant. The environment is unmatched. Moonshot at NACET is the cherry on top, because it’s such an ideal location to grow a company with amazing support.”

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