Rapidly Growing Cybersecurity Company CyBourn Expands Into the UK Market


European cybersecurity company CyBourn announced that it has expanded into the UK market earlier this year, aiming to help UK based companies build solid security posture within their organisations.

“We are happy to have opened our London office and to have started our collaboration with local companies in order to help them keep protected against existing and emerging cyber threats. We aim to deploy our global experience and innovative operational models for UK clients and raise the bar in cybersecurity excellency. We are thrilled to have forged a number of strategic partnerships in London already and we look forward to expanding our footprint here,” said Ashwin Jayaram, CyBourn’s CEO.

The global landscape of cyberthreats is evolving, and each new development can impact companies in profound ways. Securing the IT infrastructure and data sphere of organizations can be mitigated by having the cutting-edge prevention and response tools and policies in place, a trend that is becoming paramount for all businesses.

“We have deep expertise in helping clients map their cyber risk profiles, defining company-wide steps for implementation and remediation as well as being a strategic Managed Security Services partner to UK based companies,” explained Daniel Mckee, COO of CyBourn.

As UK companies continue to digitize operations, having detection and response capabilities is crucial. It enables fast response for any threat on core assets such as intellectual property, private data of both customers and employees and the broad reputation of the company.

CyBourn’s cyber security experts help clients map the cyber risk profile of their organizations and define company-wide steps for implementation and remediation. CyBourn develops strategies and concrete action plans, which in turn enable the development of solid information security cultures.

“We assess our clients’ state of cybersecurity for a full range of purposes, including when we integrate networks with our Security Operations Center. We offer tailored audit assessments and a comprehensive array of consultancy services. Our framework is built upon industry best practices and is enabled by the top-notch expertise of our SOC analysts, incident responders and IT security and strategy consultants,” stated Tiberiu Anghel, Chief Strategy Officer at CyBourn.

CyBourn is a state-of-the-art cybersecurity company offering the perfect balance between security, technology, regulation and operational excellence. CyBourn offers 24/7/365 monitoring solutions, best in class incident response services, and tailored strategic cybersecurity consulting along with bespoke machine learning driven solutions.

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