RE Ranger Launches Groundbreaking RIACT A.I.™ Lens Technology

For the first time ever, RE Ranger utilizes Artificial Intelligence to create performance eyewear that the shooting community has never seen

Today, performance eyewear brand, RE Ranger is thrilled to announce the launch of the all-new groundbreaking RIACT A.I. lens technology.

“This is the first time that RE Ranger has utilized Artificial Intelligence to create performance shooting lenses,” says Sarah Dacko, RE Ranger GM. “With Artificial Intelligence we were able to test and optimize one billion different lens variations to specifically formulate the precise lenses in the RIACT A.I. collection. I’ve been around the eyewear industry my whole career and these RIACT A.I. lenses are unlike anything the shooting community has ever seen. The product is something else.”

The RIACT A.I. lenses come in three proprietary colors—Low Light, Mid-Light, and Bright Light and can be purchased as a single lens, three-lens kit, or frame kit. All RIACT A.I. product is now available on and on 8/23 the collection will be available to US and international wholesalers.

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