Recorded Future Announces World’s First AI for Intelligence

Recorded Future AI Provides Automated, Real-Time Analysis at Internet Scale

Enhanced OpenAI GPT Model Trained on a Decade of Expert Insight and World’s Largest Intelligence Holdings

Recorded Future, the intelligence company, today announced the immediate general availability of the world’s first AI for intelligence. With Recorded Future AI, organizations can get automatic assessments of their threat landscape in real time and take immediate action. Recorded Future has trained the OpenAI GPT model on a decade of expert insight from Insikt Group, the world’s foremost threat intelligence analyst team, and combined that with the world’s largest intelligence holdings built from over 100 terabytes of text, images, and technical data, the Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud. The unique combination of the structured, real-time Intelligence Graph and GPT’s language skills brings automated intelligence to a whole new level.

“Ten years ago, we built Recorded Future to go beyond search, and organize the internet for analytics. We achieved that mission with the Intelligence Cloud, with its growth matching the speed of the internet and enabling countries and the world’s foremost organizations with intelligence. Now, with Recorded Future AI, we believe we can eliminate the cyber skills shortage and increase the capacity for cyber readiness by immediately surfacing actionable intelligence.”  — Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, CEO and Co-Founder, Recorded Future

Incorporating OpenAI’s state-of-the-art, pre-trained transformer model, GPT, with its industry-leading Intelligence Cloud, Recorded Future has demonstrated the game-changing impact of AI in the intelligence industry. Recorded Future AI is trained on over 40,000 Analyst Notes from Insikt Group, the company’s threat research division, and the insights of the Recorded Future Intelligence Graph. Recorded Future automatically collects and structures data related to both adversaries and victims from text, imagery, and technical sources, and uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze and map insights across billions of entities in real time.

Integrated across the Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud, Recorded Future AI is available to all existing clients today. Applying true AI capabilities to threat intelligence, Recorded Future AI provides real-time threat landscape analysis and actionability at internet-scale; enables analyst efficiency to help compensate for skills shortages; and provides intelligence-driven insights so organizations can make decisions before adversarial activity impacts business outcomes.

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