Research Methods and Data Science (RMDS) Lab to Host its First Conference on Big Data and AI

Inaugural conference will convene the world's leading data scientists around the topic of how artificial intelligence can be used to improve everyday life.

This week, Research Methods and Data Science (RMDS) Lab will hold its first conference, “IM DATA: Innovative Methods with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)” on Dec. 6th and 7th to advance the field of data science.

Industry experts from around the world will spotlight the trends and approaches in big data and AI, including ethical dimensions, smart cities, healthcare, media and entertainment, education, women in coding, and reveal new research discoveries. This conference will provide an unprecedented opportunity to examine the direction of analyses, applications, and scientific research that impacts us on a human scale.

The conference will be led by Dr. Alex Liu, founder of RMDS Lab and former IBM Chief Data Scientist with a distinguished career spanning over two decades. Internationally renowned scientists, members of the government, academia, and corporations will be in attendance at this event which will move forward the discussion of an ecosystem approach for AI and what the future will hold. Since this is an interdisciplinary and inter-industry event, the conference will be a prime networking opportunity for those interested in big data, AI, data science, and its impact on society.

“IM DATA serves scholars and practitioners with the necessary knowledge to succeed in a world that is increasingly driven by data and AI. It promotes the widespread appreciation of big data in the public and private sectors as well as the ability to solve intricate human problems affecting everyday life,” says Dr. Alex Liu.

This comes at a crucial time in the field of data science, when the overwhelming popularity of the topic is accompanied by low rates of data science project success–highlighting the enormous difficulty of the field. To address this problem, RMDS Lab has collaborated with Harvard Dataverse, a leading industry institution on driving an “ecosystem approach” to AI, which calls for more inter-collaboration among data scientists. This approach also calls for the increased utilization of AI to enhance the data analysis process in order to increase the success rate of data science projects. Using open source tools, this alliance has already seen initial success and progress towards fulfilling its goal of making available more accurate data science research to impact human life on a daily scale.

Keynote speakers for this year’s IM DATA conference will include leaders in the field of data science and AI who have advised the world’s most forward thinking institutions such as NASA, IBM, McKinsey, Disney, Harvard, Caltech and more.

For more information please visit and contact us via the information below to schedule an interview with Dr. Alex Liu.

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