Resonai Launches Vera

Corporate real estate owner/ operators see significant ROI in adopting Vera apps for maintenance & operations while creating smart building experiences
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Resonai, an artificial intelligence and augmented reality company, today announced the launch of Vera, a computer vision platform to create intelligent digital twins of any building or physical space. Vera embeds intelligence into the physical environment to enable communication between any device or agent and its environments. With Vera, devices become context aware with unparalleled capabilities in positional tracking & semantic understanding, making them much smarter and more useful.

Building owners and operators can create a very accurate 3D twin of a building, that includes embedded ‘intelligence” which understands the space, can navigate through it, applies logic and continuously learns from the surroundings. Using the Vera platform, developers can create scalable AR applications with new functionality not previously possible.

“Resonai is introducing a paradigm shift in spatial computing. By solving some of the most critical challenges in computer vision and spatial embedded AI, we can now transform any physical environment into an Intelligent digital space, that communicates and synchronizes data across devices,” said Emil Alon, CEO and Founder of Resonai. “For the commercial real estate industry, this means a new way to interact with physical spaces to solve real business issues, and will unlock a whole new asset class: Digital Real Estate.”

In the commercial real estate market, Vera applications are being used across the building life cycle. Vera Apps for Maintenance & Operations of buildings, that combine indoor search and navigation, smart ticketing systems, AR tutorials for devices, preventive maintenance tools, access control systems and vision based IoT controllers, are demonstrating strong ROI.

“We operate one of the largest growing trade markets in the world and implementing Vera apps has been crucial to increasing tenant satisfaction & decreasing maintenance & operations costs,” said Alisa Zhukova, Deputy General Manager, Moscow Trade Center. “With the security app we can now control who has access and where access is granted, while the Smart ticketing / Navigation app allows tenants to easily report problems on their mobile phones, while technicians receive navigation instructions to the problem, relevant data and can even see ‘behind walls’ to make repairs.”

By converting their physical spaces into digital assets, building owner/operators also create and control a new type of Digital Real Estate with new monetization possibilities such as advertising and promotions, that are expected to outpace the monetization of physical properties in the future.

Vera Apps can be leveraged for multiple applications including Employee Onboarding & Training and to create unique brand experiences in retail stores, with unparalleled access to user behavior data. Resonai plans to continue to work with developers to create new applications and AR experiences that will address additional markets and use cases, with the goal of creating seamless interactions between the real and digital worlds.

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About Resonai
Resonai is an AI company that is powering machines to understand the physical world. Vera, is our computer vision platform that transforms physical spaces into intelligent digital canvases. Vera makes it possible to create a very accurate 3D twin of any physical space and provides the ‘intelligence” to truly understand the space, navigate through it, apply logic, and continuously learn from the surroundings. With the Vera platform, building owners and operators can leverage the huge compute power of the cloud to create new user experiences that were previously impossible, identify new monetization models and gain access to a whole new level of user analytics.

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