Schneider applauded for support distributing pandemic supplies

Masks were delivered to hospitals and healthcare workers to stop the spread of COVID-19

Schneider (NYSE: SNDR), a premier provider of transportation, intermodal and logistics services, was presented with the SanMar Mask Award, recognizing the company’s role in supporting the mask distribution supply chain during the pandemic – Schneider is the only carrier to receive such recognition.

SanMar is a Seattle, Washington, based apparel and accessories supplier. In the early days of the pandemic, they pivoted from manufacturing apparel to producing masks for hospitals, healthcare workers and others battling the spread of COVID-19. This effort was part of a coalition of U.S. apparel companies working with the White House to build a supply chain to produce millions of much needed face masks in a time of short supply.

SanMar has had previous experience with Schneider and knew they can be counted on to deliver their products safely and efficiently.

“I would view our relationship with Schneider as one of our most strategic relationships in the transportation and shipping space,” said SanMar Director of Global Logistics John Jansen. “Especially in these challenging times, we can depend on Schneider. When we need additional equipment, capacity or other services it’s really easy to pick up the phone and make that call.”

When it was time to distribute the masks, SanMar turned to the Schneider team to haul masks out of Seattle and get them to their destinations.

“I’m proud that SanMar was confident they could look to Schneider to be a part of this supply chain,” said Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Jim Filter. “Since we began working together in 2016, our relationship has steadily grown and there is a strong bond of trust. Our drivers were able to provide critical capacity to deliver masks.”

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