Seceon announced aiXDR-PMax at DattoCon23

Leading AI and ML-powered cybersecurity platform for managed services providers shares new capabilities with the Kaseya, Datto and AutoTask MSP communities.

Seceon, the pioneer of the first cybersecurity platform that augments and automates security operations services for MSPs and MSSPs, with an AI and ML-powered aiSIEM, aiXDR, and aiMSSP platform, announces aiXDR-PMax enabling partners with comprehensive protection, detection, automatic remediation. This includes, EDR+EPP, file integrity monitoring, data control, data security, including PII and PHI monitoring, and continuous security posture monitoring.

Seceon is in Miami this week at Kaseya’s DattoCon showcasing the aiXDR-PMax platform to MSPs looking to offer advanced security services for their clients. The expanded platform enables partners to integrate with their existing EDR and EPP stack or deploy Seceon’s expanded EDR + EPP agents, which use AI, ML & Dynamic Threat Models to gain an understanding of assets, applications and user behavior to identify any usual exploits, especially multi-stage and multi-vector attacks, like nation-state APTs, ransomware as well zero-day attacks.

Once an alert is generated, it automatically applies the policies to be executed on a network, identity management system, host etc. Seceon’s platform automatically responds to identified threats to remove or contain them in real-time.

“MSPs are always evaluating their tech and security stack, and more of them are choosing not to build and hire a team to deploy and manage a stack of point solutions or outsource their profits and control to an MDR provider. Seceon’s aiSIEM and aiXDR-PMax platform enables managed service providers to rapidly launch best-in-class XDR or SOC as a Service offerings. For MSPs that don’t have a full EDR+EPP, Seceon now provides it in our aiXDR-PMax product. When combined with Seceon aiSIEM, Seceon’s AI and ML automate 95% of all threat detection and response,” said Chandra Pandey, Seceon, CEO.

“It’s inspiring to see the ecosystem adapt, developing platforms tailored to MSP-specific requirements. Cybersecurity is not just a component but, indeed, the most crucial and rapidly evolving aspect of the current tech stack. Seceon demonstrates a future-facing approach, with strategic actions ranging from valuable talent acquisitions like Amy Luby, event sponsorships like DattoCon, and the delivery of cost-effective, next-generation security solutions. This commitment helps MSPs ensure their customer’s security while efficiently managing labor costs and platform and vendor sprawl, a clear testament to their alignment with dynamic industry needs,” stated Erick Simpson, CEO of MSP Mastered and Channel Mastered.

“The core of our cybersecurity services is built on Seceon and we have some clients that came to us with existing EDR + EPP licenses where we ingest alerts and events into Seceon and with other clients our services run on both Seceon aiSIEM and aiXDR-PMax. The new aiXDR-PMax platform provides both the most cost-effective and best cybersecurity efficacy experience to us customers,” Hamid Ansari CEO/MD, Syscom Distributions LLC.

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