McAfee announced new features to its Product Lineup

  • AI-powered McAfee Scam Protection detects and protects against risky links in real-time and is now available across most plans
  • Launching today, McAfee’s Next-gen Threat Protection is an AI-driven cloud architecture that delivers faster and stronger threat protection than ever before
  • New features, such as McAfee Social Privacy, enhance McAfee offerings with increasing levels of identity and privacy protection
  • McAfee+ now comes with added benefits and features and is globally available on

Today, McAfee Corp., a global leader in online protection, announced powerful new AI protections and enhanced privacy and identity features as part of its latest product lineup.

As McAfee continues to move beyond protecting individual devices to protecting people, McAfee’s newest portfolio of products includes innovative protection features, such as McAfee Next-gen Threat Protection and McAfee Scam Protection, that use advanced AI to combat the rise in AI threats and provide automated layers of security for consumers and their families.

McAfee’s enhanced product portfolio has been designed with greater focus on privacy and identity protections that give consumers greater control and choice for managing personal information.

“We are living in unprecedented times. Consumers are navigating a world where advanced AI has exponentially increased the volume and sophistication of scams, making real-time threat and scam protection more important than ever,” said Roma Majumder, Senior Vice President of Product at McAfee.”

“At the same time, we know consumers want greater control greater control in managing their lives online, especially when it comes to protecting their digital privacy and identity. Our newest product lineup and innovations reflect the features that will make it easier than ever to protect what matters most to our customers while delivering enhanced performance and industry-leading security,” said Majumder.

McAfee’s innovations featured in the newest launch of McAfee+ include:

Powerful New AI Protections

  • Next-gen Threat Protection: McAfee’s AI-powered security just got stronger, faster and easier to use. Cloud-based and local machine-based protections coupled together has resulted in 75% less background processes on a device and 3x faster scans so consumers will have a quicker, stronger, easier user experience. AI powered security provides the reassurance that consumers are protected against the latest threats on their Windows PC’s including zero-day threats or those that don’t even exist yet. Now also compatible on ARM64 and Intel / AMD processors.
  • Scam Protection: McAfee’s patented and powerful AI technology addresses the rise in AI-generated phishing scams by proactively detecting suspicious URLs in texts before they’re opened or clicked on. If a customer accidentally clicks on a suspicious link in a text, email, social media, or browser search the feature can block the site from loading to prevent the customer from a phishing scam.

New and Enhanced Identity & Privacy Features **

  • Online Account Cleanup: Helps reduce the likelihood of being impacted by a data breach since your information isn’t there to be compromised. Many Internet users can have over 350 online accounts, many of which they might not know are still active. This feature runs monthly scans to find your online accounts and shows you their risk level to help you decide which to delete, and how to do so.​
  • Social Privacy Manager: Helps safeguard your privacy on social media with personalized privacy recommendations based on your own preferences. We do the heavy lifting with the ability to adjust more than 100 privacy settings across your social media accounts in just a few clicks to ensure your personal info is only visible to the people you want to share it with.
  • Transaction Monitoring: Helps spot unusual transactions which could be a sign of identity theft. Track deposits, withdrawals, and payments across your accounts, all in one place. (Included with McAfee+ Advanced and Ultimate)
  • Bank Account Takeover Monitoring: Provides alerts when your personal contact info changes on your banking account. If it wasn’t you, McAfee will guide you so you can take quick action. (Included with McAfee+ Ultimate)
  • Increased ID Theft: Provides $2 million identity theft coverage, including 401K plans, stolen funds, and incurred expenses for you and your household members. Also includes $25K ransomware coverage. (Included with McAfee+ Ultimate)
  • McAfee Assist – Protection Setup: Provides a live session with one of our experts. Customers can call whenever it’s convenient for them to set up their account, no scheduling needed. (Included with McAfee+ Ultimate)

In addition, McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard was recently released through retailers and offers many of the privacy and identity features listed above to provide more options for consumers to take control of their personal information online, remove personal information from data brokers, and help delete and clear their data from unused or risky online accounts.

Protection for the Whole Family

McAfee+ offers comprehensive Family plans to protect up to six members under one subscription. These plans offer multiple levels of coverage and include new AI-powered protections and enhanced identity and privacy features.

The plans protect the identity, privacy, and devices of each family member with protection notifications and guidance targeted to individual online risks and activities. All family members have access to McAfee Scam Protection, identity restoration, Social Privacy Manager, unlimited device security, identity monitoring, password manager, secure VPN, and lost wallet support.

Select plans for adults also include identity theft protection and personal data protection, and parental controls to help keep children safer online. Plan features include up to $2 million in identify theft protection per adult, $25k in ransomware protection per adult, credit and transaction monitoring, and assistance removing personal information from risky sites, and unused online accounts.


McAfee+ and McAfee+ Family plans are currently available on and with select retailers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, and Australia with additional regions to be announced. Features offered will vary by region.


Individual plans start at $49.99* USD and Family plans start at $62.99* USD for the first year.

*This plan covers only household devices for personal, non-commercial use, and is subject to our fair use policy. Contact Customer Support for support adding devices.
** Enhanced identity & privacy features differ depending on geography.

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