Seeed Studio Launches Full AI and IoT Solutions to Digitalize the Wild

Seeed Studio, the IoT Hardware company, just wrapped up its “IoT into the Wild” Product Launch. It focused on AIoT solutions for outdoor applications, covering devices from low-power sensors to ultra-long-range gateways featuring Edge AI. The products will be available in Q2, and Seeed also initiates co-creation and Tech4Good collaborations with the ecosystem from now on (More at:

“We were born in global maker community, and help developers to grow inspiring possibilities into impactful productivities.” said Eric Pan, Seeed’s Founder.”Many critical topics like sustainable development, carbon neutrality, and wild life protection, converge on the scenes in the wild. But they are the frontiers lacking technological efforts and scalable solutions. We’re excited to showcase our latest efforts, and invite diverse backgrounds people to join us to tackle the challenges together.”

Coverage in the Wild
Coverage is the foundation of steering IoT projects towards success. According to World Bank’s data, only 3.5%of the planetary land surface is equipped with telecommunication coverage. The promising low-power and wide-area LoRaWAN network, facilitates interoperability of connected devices, and accelerates the IoT revolutions. Seeed released a SenseCAP LoRaWAN Gateway, a Hotspot APP and rich accessories for outdoor applications. They are dedicated for helping system integrators expand LoRaWAN network, and providing next-level world-wide connectivity infrastructure for IoT systems.

Sensors as a Service
Seeed aims to provide an evolving set of easy-to-deploy outdoor LoRaWAN sensors to ensure everyone can obtain data in 3 steps with the flexibility to integrate into existing IT systems. During the Launch, Seeed introduced a series of distributed outdoor SenseCAP sensors. With 10+ years of battery life, IP66 enclosure and up to 10km transmission range, people can deploy them with less constraints. On top of the basic sensors and data-logger, a rich plug-and-play sensor system is introduced for people to create their own derivatives.

Powered by the ultra-low-power Machine Learning, SenseCAP sensors performs always-on inferencing with vision and sound. This unleashes possibilities to recognize critical information in real-time. The standard Machine Learning model is available to be updated and trained in the real-life scenes.

By working with climate change experts, Seeed introduced a 10-in-1 Compact CO2 Station with 5ppm accuracy, as an alternative to current 50 time more expensive solutions. It’s compact and easy-to-deploy in the grid with flexibility, targeting to meet the growing needs of meteorological monitoring for carbon neutrality.

EdgeAI for the Real World
To enable more AI-based solutions in the wild, Seeed released two Edge Computing series devices to make data collection and inference happen real-time. They integrate SOMs of Nvidia Jetson Nano, Xavier NX, and AGX ORIN, and everything else needed for an interdependent AI system. reComputer Jetson features integrated hardware and software, providing a click-to-deploy web interface for system integrators. With all the configurable APIs, it can easily integrate off-the-shelf AI capability with existing applications. Meanwhile, reServer Jetson is more powerful for inference serving. It comes with a built-in Triton server, and vapor chamber thermal management to integrate all the power into a compact portable box.

Co-Inventing the Digital Solution
During the Launch,  Seeed also called for collaborations to create full solutions that address Sustainable Development Goals challenges. The Tech4Good Bounty Program offers a hardware sponsorship to support technological applications to tackle sustainable development challenges. To make it more accessible, Seeed released a LoRaWAN Dev Kit to help beginner users build LoRaWAN/AI-based solutions with plug-and-play modules and Machine Learning-ready controller. In the future, Seeed will dedicate more hardware support to experts with know-hows and software skills, and help them grow prototypes to products.

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