Sesame Software Teams with Looker to Transform End-to-End CRM Data into Actionable Insights

Sesame Software Teams with Looker to Transform End-to-End CRM Data into Actionable Insights

Relationship Removes Barriers Associated with Moving Data to SQL Warehouse to Drive Robust Reporting and Data Visualization

Sesame Software, makers of the Relational  Junction Warehouse Builder, today announces the company has teamed with Looker, a leading data platform company, to deliver a secure end-to-end solution that lets companies move data from disparate sources to a single SQL warehouse so it can be turned into actionable intelligence.

“With this relationship, Relational Junction Warehouse Builder will enable companies to fully leverage Looker to make data meaningful to their businesses and promote a data culture,” says Rick Banister, founder and CEO of Sesame Software. “By providing the tools for complex integration, Relational Junction Warehouse Builder lets companies use Looker anywhere and everywhere.”

Relational Junction Warehouse Builder can be deployed within an organization’s secure network, enabling movement of data to and from Salesforce and other cloud-based CRM platforms, while still maintaining security controls.

Looker’s LookML modeling language is an approachable solution that lets data teams define the relationships in their database so business users can explore, save, and download data without needing to know the SQL query language.

“The combination of Looker and Relational Junction can be rapidly deployed and quickly bring value to any data-driven organization,” says Banister. “Data is the currency of business and so any company with large volumes of data that is looking to do modeling analysis and generate real business intelligence needs Relational Junction Warehouse Builder to remove the barriers to accessing and moving that information.”

The partnership is another win for Sesame Software as it looks to showcase all that Relational Junction can do to replicate and integrate disparate information streams, including EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems), cloud-based CRM platforms such as Salesforce or NetSuite, and other sources, into an organized and accessible SQL warehouse.

Relational Junction also boasts tools for robust data recovery, with all relationships and rows intact, making it an ideal component of any IT disaster recovery solution.

About Sesame Software

Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Sesame Software is an Enterprise Application Integration/Data company whose patented Relational Junction suite of products offer superior solutions for data integration, complete data recovery and data warehousing.

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Sesame Software 
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