Sky Labs’ CART-I, Advances Into the British Medical Device Market

As the world’s first ring-type medical device to monitor heart signals, CART-I continually measures atrial fibrillation 24/7

In-house developed AI technology is used to provide significant medical data to patients and medical professionals, leading to an increased atrial fibrillation diagnosis rate

Discount promotion is planned in Britain

Sky Labs (CEO: Jack Lee), a global health care start-up, will fully advance into the British medical device market based on ‘CART-I (Cardio Tracker),’ the company’s wearable heart monitoring medical device.

Through its global website (, Sky Labs announced that it will officially sell CART-I, the world’s first ring-type medical device to monitor heart signals, to consumers in England. CART-I earned CE-MDD medical device approval in Europe, and therefore can be used for atrial fibrillation monitoring and disease diagnoses in Europe. It uses an electrocardiogram (ECG) to help collect more precise cardiac signals when the user feels abnormal symptoms and uses the photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor for continuous atrial fibrillation monitoring without the user’s intervention.

CART-I garnered the industry’s attention when it was adopted early this year for a clinical study conducted ‘to detect atrial fibrillation symptoms and alert the patients to take anticoagulants when needed’ by Professor Timothy Betts, a cardiologist and arrhythmia specialist at Oxford University Hospital. This enabled Sky Labs to lay the foundation for making inroads into England. The sharp growth of tele-care, telehealth, and mobile health markets that was triggered by medical digitalization in Britain led to a high level of interest in relevant innovative products which Sky Labs recognized as an opportunity.

A user can simply wear CART-I on his or her finger for automatic measuring of atrial fibrillation and heart rate 24/7 without taking any separate action. The heart can be monitored easily in daily life by people who have suffered from AF or have a family history of AF which are leading chronic diseases that are known to have a low diagnosis rate. In accordance with this, not only can the diagnosis rate of atrial fibrillation be increased, but it also provides remote monitoring between the user and health care professionals.

Data that is continually measured through CART-I is transmitted to a cloud platform. The massive amount of data collected is processed into significant data that allows medical judgments by Sky Labs’ in-house developed AI technology and sent to the user’s application and the medical professional’s web. This data helps medical professionals make an accurate diagnosis.

Jack Lee, CEO of Sky Labs, said, “There is an emergence of the need to remote monitor chronic diseases all across the globe. Against this backdrop, CART-I is a product that can satisfy the needs of both patients and medical professionals. Beginning with its entry into Britain, which has the world’s most advanced systems in patient-centered treatment, Sky Labs will continually enhance its global competitiveness.”

On the occasion of product sales in Britain, Sky Labs will carry out its first discount promotion. A £50 discount will be applied for customers who purchase CART-I by November 30. Purchases can be made on the website.

Sky Labs is recognized as a health care start-up with technological prowess in Europe. It became the only Korean company to win the Digital Health & Technology Competition of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) for two consecutive years and to be chosen as the Technology Pioneer at the World Economic Forum 2019.

In May, Sky Labs signed a contract with Titan Commerce Continental Services GmbH, the largest wearable medical device distributor in Germany, to sell CART-I in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, based on which Sky Labs will steadily expand its global distribution network.

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