Smartlogic Releases Semaphore 5.2.0 – The next Gen Semantic AI

Smartlogic, the leader in Semantic AI technology, today announced the release of Semaphore 5.2.0, the Next Generation of Semantic AI.

Smartlogic, the leader in Semantic AI technology, today announced the release of Semaphore 5.2.0, which includes new features and improvements across multiple Semaphore modules.

“The 5.2.0 release focuses on product updates that incorporate market and customer feedback to ensure value-driven enhancements in all Semaphore modules. Semaphore uses innovative technologies and strategies to deliver a unified user experience, enhanced interoperability, and flexible integration,” Matthieu Jonglez, CTO Smartlogic.

Semaphore 5.2.0 highlights:

  • Enhanced governance and lifecycle management features that simplify the support of distributed architectures and release management across environments.
  • Streamlined Semaphore’s Knowledge Review Tool (KRT) workflow to manage the review and acceptance of suggested model changes.
  • The inclusion of the Lexical Enrichment side panel (LEX) in Semaphore’s Knowledge Model Management (KMM) module to enrich the terminology in the model, which supports the classification strategy.
  • The addition of a translation side panel to support multilingual model development.
  • Improvements in Semaphore’s Document Analyzer component to better view evidence within content in the context of knowledge models and a simplified view of tables and facts that are used when defining an extraction strategy; Information scientists can easily jump from the document to the model in a single click.
  • The introduction of a Rulenet Manager that enables the management of the Classification and Language Server from within the Studio application.

Smartlogic’s platform continues to focus around 3 core areas; Model, Scale and Collaborate; Auto-Classification, Fact & Language Services; and Integrate and Visualize – in a modular platform that allows customers to add capabilities as their business needs evolve.

Designed for the world’s largest enterprises that demand scale and quality, Semaphore combines the power of Semantic AI with award-winning knowledge model management, precise, complete and consistent classification and language services, and cutting-edge fact extraction capabilities to enable organizations to Reveal Smarter Decisions.

Semaphore delivers more value to enterprise initiatives that require the aggressive use of data – structured and unstructured – internal and external to the organization. It provides a basis for cognitive applications such as intelligent contextual search, enriched process automation, relevant recommendation engines, customer experience, regulatory compliance, contract lifecycle management, and information security.

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