Solutions Granted Announces Partnership with Evo Security

Evo Security, an emerging leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Managed Service Providers (MSP), announces a partnership with Solutions Granted, a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) who offers top cybersecurity solutions to MSPs. The partnership will allow Solutions Granted to help MSPs improve their internal cybersecurity posture, and the posture of their end clients with a new and improved identity and access solution.

“We’re very excited to work with the Solutions Granted team as their exclusive IAM provider to bring a purpose-built identity platform to MSPs and their customers,” says Michael Roth, CEO and Founder of Evo Security. “The top attack vector continues to be identity-related, with threat actors continuously stealing login credentials through various methods of social engineering. Evo Security is built to serve MSPs so they can secure themselves and their customers from these attacks. Partnering with someone as trusted as Solutions Granted will help MSPs improve their cybersecurity offering and overall posture, but in an easy and improved way.”

“MSPs are often faced with a choice, to do something easy or do it securely. We, along with Evo Security, feel this is a false choice. Evo Security’s solution is built to administer identity in a way that is both secure and easy.” Michael Crean, CEO of Solutions Granted continues, “MSPs are trying to figure out this ever-changing cybersecurity landscape on their own and it’s hard for them to do that and run their business. We have put together an impressive stack of pre-vetted cybersecurity solutions for our partners and Evo Security is a great addition that fills that gap in identity. We couldn’t be more excited about bringing this partnership to our MSP community.”

Recent studies have shown that around 70% of users do not use Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), a very easy way to improve cybersecurity posture and deter threat actors. Additionally, MSPs often hold the “keys to the kingdom” for their customers. This often results in shared passwords, stale credentials, lack of admin password rotation, and other managerial issues due to a lack of attention for the MSP use case. Evo Security’s solution brings a variety of IAM tools and capabilities together in one platform, the Evo Partner Identity Cloud, that addresses these issues, is easy to use, and helps MSPs generate a new revenue stream.

Partnering with Solutions Granted, who has built a world-class program of cybersecurity for MSPs, will help both the MSP community and their customers improve their cybersecurity maturity.

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